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Slussenanalys - Liemannen (video)

New music from finnish noisepunx Slussenanalys, far more wheezy and drawn-out than anything I've posted from them previously.

Svart to reissue Nolla Nolla Nolla

is doing a reissue of finnish cult punks Nolla Nolla Nolla and their much sought-after 1984 self-titled album in a deluxe remastered format:

Take Away Show: Mirel Wagner

Check out finnish/Ethiopian artist Mirel Wagner performing a couple tunes live for Le Blogotheque's renown Take Away Show. More info:

New Moonface album to feature Siinai

finnish act Siinai have recorded a new album in collaboration with Canadian artist Moonface, aka Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown). The resulting work is entitled "With Siinai: Heartbreaking bravery" and will be released on April 17 via . Listen to a sample tune:

Mirel Wagner in the Village Voice

The esteemed Village Voice has a sizable profile piece on finnish/Ethiopian artist Mirel Wagner in advance of her hitting the States for SXSW:

Off the Record: Soen

finnish live music site Off the Record has a new session up featuring Swedish/American metal act Soen (ex-Willowtree, Opeth):

Iconcrash - We are the night (video)

New visuals from finnish act Iconcrash for their Eurovision entry "We are the night". Also! The band will be doing a live stream of the entire church performance you see at the end of this video later today at 8pm local finnish time (+2 GMT) -- preview clip and details here.

Burning Hearts - ExtinctionsBurning Hearts
Solina Records/Shelflife Records


Burning Hearts' second full-length "Extinctions" is a treat. Delving into description disguised as heavy-handed metaphor would be a disservice to such a carefully crafted, thoughtful album, so I'll simple start with a hearty "wow." (It's worth noting the decision to forgo poetics was made after several spins marked by hand flailing and randomly squealed superlatives)

Yeah. It's good.

Other than injecting a note of mystery to their otherwise light-as-air pop confections -- perfected with the debut, "Aboa sleeping" -- very little has changed since the last time we met the finnish quintet. Not that anything needed altering. The band has created another charming outing that leans just as much on French pop as Scandinavian melancholy, its nine tracks (including "The swallows" and "Into the wilderness" which first hit ears with last year's excellent "Into the wilderness" EP) splitting the difference between wistful refrains and modern synths. The album benefits heartily from vocalist Jessika Rapo's latter-day Nico delivery, but nowhere does it hit such heights as on "Love and dissonance", the soaring line, "Beautiful, beautiful sing me a song the way you used to do," rendered downright beatic in her melodic whisper. On "The best" her languid call hopscotches over the band's near near-folk instrumentation, complete with steel drum backing. But perhaps most surprising is "The swallows", where their formula of gentle instrumentation is turned on its head in favor of 1980s synths, with Rappo as a slow-motion dancing queen. Sure, their music is still sweet, but "Extinctions" -- in all its subtle variations -- only servers to demonstrate that Burning Hearts should be considered pop heavy weights.
- Laura Studarus

Cats on Fire confirm album release, share new song

The new Cats on Fire album "All blackshirts to me", the finnish indiepop band's third overall, has been confirmed for release on March 28 via . Check out the new song "A few empty waves" right here.

Oceanwake - The words of gods lie among us

finnish doom with a distinct psychedelic bent. "The words of gods lie among us" is Oceanwake's first single which they hope to release as a 7" shortly; the album "Kingdom" will follow later this year once a label steps up to release it.

MP3: Magyar Posse - The endless cycle of violence

My wife and I went to see the movie "Pina" this past weekend in Seattle and I was surprised to catch a piece of music I recognized, but couldn't place. Stuck around for the credits and was pleasantly surprised to find it was the excellent finnish instrumental act Magyar Posse, a band I enjoy quite a bit but rarely find myself listening to with any regularity. It's always good to be reminded, especially when you can be pleasantly surprised to discover the sounds have aged better than anticipated. A glut of early aughts postrock made this seem less special at the time (2002), but how much of that stuff really stands the test of time? Magyar Posse does. And it makes perfect sense to use their music as a soundtrack to modern dance.

Magyar Posse - The endless cycle of violence

If Society to release new LP from Vene

will be releasing a new LP in March from finnish noiserockers Vene. Hit up the label website for full details and a sample tune:

Nightsatan - Outro

finnish John Carpenter-worshipping synth-rockers Nightsatan finally did the inevitable and recorded a movie soundtrack. Listen to the theme from "Outro" here:

Mirel Wagner in the Pitchfork tracklist

finnish artist Mirel Wagner got playlisted by Pitchfork:
I haven't heard the entire album yet, but it's gotten rave reviews from abroad and all of the samples I've heard have been great.

Poison Mask - Graveyard world

New finnish metal/punk, out now via the newly resurrected .