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New Lykke Li on Twilight soundtrack

lykke li has a new song called "Possibility" on the soundtrack to the upcoming Mormon vampire film and Twilight sequel "New Moon", along with a bunch of other indierock usual-suspects. It comes out October 20.

Melody Club - Goodbye to romanceMelody Club
Goodbye to romance


For acts like Robyn and lykke li, straddling the genres of pop and indie has been the key to critical acclaim and popularity abroad rarely seen by Swedish artists. However, the same balancing act has not worked so well for Melody Club. They're a big name act at home, but are otherwise largely unknown. There are too many guitars for them to catch on with the foreign fans of September or Alcazar, yet they're just not cool enough to attract the indie bloggerati. Sweden may be the go-to place for all your cheesy pop or quirky indie needs, but the focus on those particular genres by most Scandophiles means that some of Sweden's best bands escape their attention.

If you have, by some miracle, heard a Melody Club album before, you'll know exactly what to expect from "Goodbye to romance". Disregarding the current trend to do the opposite, Melody Club have moved away from their original electropop sound and added more guitars and a stronger 1960s influence, but are still unmistakeably Melody Club. The infectious choruses and entertaining lyrics the band are known for are present on every track. After just a few listens, I feel attached to all of them individually and find it difficult to choose a standout. "Oh Candy call me"'s brilliantly catchy riff made it an early favourite, while anthemic recent single "Girls don't always wanna have fun" has been the biggest grower. However, the track that never seems to leave my head is "Where do I belong", a song that would have fit perfectly on my favourite Melody Club album, "Face the music".

While "Goodbye to romance" doesn't quite match up to "Face the music", it's one of my favourite albums of 2009 so far and thoroughly recommended to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of the Swedish music scene.
- Jessica Popper

American Idol does Lykke Li?

So apparently lykke li's "I'm good I'm gone" was featured on American Idol last night? Hoookay.... Read more:

Fluxblog on Röyskopp, PB&J

Fluxblog goes two for two with new music from Röyskopp (feat. lykke li) and Peter Bjorn and John:

Interview: John Eriksson (Peter Bjorn and John)

Festival report: Eurosonic 2009

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart:

01. Laleh - Me and Simon
02. Scotts - På vårt sätt
03. Anna Ternheim - Leaving on a mayday
04. Irya's Playground - Irya's playground
05. Magnus Carlsson - Re:collection 93-08
06. Timo Räisänen - ...And then there was Timo
07. Frida Hyvönen - Silence is wild
08. Kent - Kent box 1991-2008
09. Takida - Bury the lies
10. ABBA - The albums (9CD box set)
11. The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Communion
12. Veronica Maggio - Och vinnaren är...
13. Per Gessle - Party crasher
14. lykke li - Youth novels
15. Mojje - Popcornfrisyr
16. Ulf Lundell - Omaha
17. Jill Johnson - Baby blue paper
18. Sofia Jannok - Ássogáttis / By the embers
19. Titiyo - Hidden
20. Christian Walz - The corner

Scandinavian acts at Coachella

Peter Bjorn and John, lykke li, Ida Maria and Turbonegro are confirmed for Coachella.

Stereogum premieres new Lykke Li video

Stereogum has the premiere of the new lykke li video for "Tonight":

Interview: Lykke Li

SR P3 Guld 2009

Here are the winners of this year's Swedish Radio (SR) P3 Guld Awards:

Guldmicken (best live act): Håkan Hellström
Best hip-hop/soul: Afasi & Filthy
Best dance: Style of Eye
Best newcomer: lykke li
Best song: Markus Krunegård – Jag är en vampyr
Best pop: El Perro del Mar
Best group: Johnossi
Best rock/metal: In Flames
Best artist: Håkan Hellström

Manifest nominees are go

The nominees for the Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative Grammy, have been announced:

Thermostatic - Humanizer (Wonderland Records)
Zeigeist - The Jade Motel (Spegel/Imperial Recordings/Playground)
Moonlight Cove - Orphans of the Storm (Kinetophone/Hot Stuff)
Elegant Machinery - A soft exchange (Out of Line/Hot Stuff)
Movits - Äppelknyckarjazz (BD Pop/Universal)
Erici - Brasilicum (Erici Music/Dead Frog)
Saft Stockholm - Ordet (Saft Productions/Stockholm Electronica)
Kungers - Galaxen (Rätta Visan/Border)
Anders Dahl - Doorbells (Bombaxbombax)
Nina de Heyney, Charlotte Hug & Christian Jormin - Acoustic Electronic (LJ Records)
Pär Thörn - Schöneberg/Stammheim/Gärdet/Rågsved (Treffpunkt)
Anders Hultqvist - Traces (Chamber Sound)
Frida Hyvönen - Silence Is Wild (Licking Fingers/Playground)
Hello Saferide - More modern short stories from... (Razzia/Bonnier Amigo)
Joel Alme - A Master Of Ceremonies (Sincerely Yours/Border)
Nordpolen - På Nordpolen (Sincerely Yours/Border)
The Hellacopters - Head Off (Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution)
Pascal - Galgberget (Novoton/Bonnier Amigo)
Fatboy - In My Bones (Fat State Production/Playground)
Manikins - Crocodiles (P.Trash Records)
Pär Grindvik - Samlad årsproduktion (Stockholm LTD)
Anders Ilar - Sworn (Level Records 11)
Style of Eye - Duck cover and hold (Pieces of eight records)
Zoo Brazil - No Place Like Home (Gung Ho! Recordings)
Bobo Stenson Trio - Cantando (ECM/Naxos)
Nina Ramsby & Ludwig Berghe Trio - Du har blivit stor nu [En kamp!] (Moserobie/Bonnier Amigo)
e.s.t. - Leucocyte (ACT/Bonnier Amigo)
The Splendor - Sound of Splendor (HOOB/Border)
Disco Volante - "We are forever" (Not enough)
Disfear - "Live the storm" (Relapse/Border)
Nitad - "Ibland kan man inte hindra sig själv" (Kranium)
Meanwhile - "Reality or nothing" (Feral Ward)
Burst - Lazarus Bird (Relapse/Border)
Dismember - Dismember (Regain/Sound Pollution)
Grand Magus - Iron Will (Rise above/Border)
Opeth - Watershed (Roadrunner/Bonnier Amigo)
Chords - Things We Do For Things (Juju/Playground)
Afasi & Filthy – Fläcken (P.o.p.e./Playground)
Masse - Gott & Blandat Vol. 2
Allyawan - Blu Duk Mixtape Vol. 2
Gunnel Mauritzson Band - Det som sker...(Sandkvie Records/CDA)
Maria Hörnelius, Bernt Andersson & Kjell Jansson - En sång för Kent (Eld Records/Border)
Jonas Knutsson & Johan Norberg - Skaren - Norrland III (Act/BAM)
Bjernulf/Björklund/Lindh – Pål Olles väg (Courage)
Melpo Mene - Bring the Lions Out (Imperial Recordings/Playground)
Hyacinth House - Black Crows Country (True Music Production/Glitterhouse)
First Aid Kit - Drunken Trees (Rabid Records/Border)
Olle Nyman - Venture (A West Side Fabrication/Border)
Detektivbyrån (Danarkia)
The Hellacopters (Psychout Records)
lykke li (LL Recordings)
Robyn (Konichiwa Records)
Myspace prize for best unsigned act:
Hero in action
Miranda Gjerstad
Sci-Fi Hands
John F Karlsson
Tim Schmidt
The Bellevues

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Scandinavian artists in Pitchfork's top 50 albums of 2008

Scandinavian artists in Pitchfork's top 50 albums of 2008 list: The Tallest Man on Earth (#47), lykke li (#45), Air France (#14) and Lindstrøm (#12). Read more:

Top 10s for 2008: Absolut Noise

Alphabeat, Ida Corr and Lykke Li = Border Breakers

Scandinavian artists Alphabeat (DK), Ida Corr (DK) and lykke li (SWE) are three of the winner's of the 2009 Border Breakers award to be handing out at Eurosonic next month. Read more: