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Niels Nielsen to Gaphals

It has been officially revealed that has picked up Niels Nielsen and will be releasing his new 7" single "Shadow twin" on October 26 with a full-length album to follow in spring.

New Daniel Gilbert single soon

will be handling the release of the new Daniel Gilbert (ex-Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström, etc.) 7" single "The soul of a fool" featuring the a-side "Led 2" b/w "The smell o'thunder". Official release date for the digital version is set for September 19, physical vinyl to follow later. As for his new album, he's currently working on it with Olle Björk and Per Stålberg at Welfare Sound Studio in Göteborg, so maybe later this fall?

Flashback Caruso - Butterfly blood

Soft progressive rock from Norway with an album of epic 4xLP proportions coming this winter via . Can't say that it sounds like a good idea to me, but kudos to them for having the chutzpah to go with it.

The Lionheads - Kids

"Kids" is the new single from Norwegian dance-friendly alt-rock act The Lionheads, officially due out September 17 via imprint .

New Three Seasons album in November

Look for the new album "Understand the world" from Swedish retro/psych-rockers Three Seasons to be released on November 14 via the always-reliable .

Kebnekajse to release new album via Subliminal Sounds

will be releasing the new album "Aventure" from long-running Swedish psych/folk act Kebnekajse, their 9th overall and 3rd since the band's reunion back in 2001. More info and preorder details here.

Fort Fairfield - Danziger Straße

An early taste of the upcoming Fort Fairfield album "The straw boys", due out this winter via .

Euphoria and the Lazy Boy - Found

New melancholic navel-gazing out of Göteborg. I'm not big on crowd-sourcing, especially when it comes to bands looking to fund their vanity projects, but you can pitch in to help him put out his EP right here.

Fuck Tornadoes - Hey y'all

Speaking of new bands with Kristofer Åström, he's also got another new project called Fuck Tornadoes that's a bit more rock'n'roll like the name implies. Hear a 2nd tune here.

Kevin album preview

Finnish indierock act Kevin are currently streaming their new album "Ebb and flow" in full for a limited time ahead of its release date on September 14 via .

Plector post album for streaming, announce imminent demise

Umeå metal act Plector has announced that their forthcoming album "Punishment day", due out October 31 via and currently streaming in full at SoundCloud, will be their last. The band's final show will be at the Discouraged Festival in their hometown on September 15 alongside Moloken and Khoma.

Stereogum best new bands of 2012: Icona Pop, Mirel Wagner

Icona Pop and Mirel Wagner are the two Scandinavian representatives on Stereogum's top 40 best new bands of 2012 list, alongside local-to-me friends Milk Music who are also well worth checking out: http://stereogum.com/1142542/stereogums-40-best-new-bands-of-2012/franchises/listomania/

Stagnant Waters album gets release date

Stagnant Waters, the French/Norwegian avant/black metal act featuring Svein Egil Hatlevik (Zweizz, Fleurety, Umoral, etc.), has finally confirmed that their self-titled debut album will be out on October 29 via . Check a sample tune here.

Easy October - Baby blue (feat. Elin Ruth Sigvardsson)

Easy October = Kristoffer Hedberg, Kristofer Åström, Nikke Ström (Nationalteatern, etc.) and Johan Håkansson (A Camp, Freddie Wadling, etc.). Look for an album this fall?

Cobolt - Postume

For most folks, the band Cobolt is, at best, a forgotten footnote from the Umeå music scene of yore. For nerds like me who pursued every thread until exhausted, they were a revelation, an eye-opening glimpse into the vast and varied expanse of the Norrland music scene in a post-Refused world. And now, at long last, Refused bassist Magnus Björklund has posted his old band's final unreleased recordings for public consumption. I've had semi-illicit copies of a number of these tracks for many years now and am glad they are finally getting a proper chance to find an audience -- very recommended!