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New Subtropic Arkestra on the way

has announced that they'll be releasing a new album from Subtropic Arkestra, the band led by Swedish trumpet player and 2011 Nordic Music Prize winner Goran Kajfes, this coming fall.

Dödsvarg now on CD, vinyl coming

Dödsvarg's excellent album "Livet är en dödsorsak" is now available on CD via US label : http://rigidrecords.bigcartel.com/product/dodsvarg
There's also word that they'll be doing a new 4-song 7" in the near future -- more details when I get it.

Presenting: No Favours

No Favours = Victoria Skoglund (Audrey, Mire Kay) + Anna Jonsson (Kamikatze) and their friend Stefan Holmberg on bass. Look for their debut self-titled album to be released this fall via //.

New Moneybrother in September

The new Moneybrother album "This is where life is" will be released on September 26. Basic tracks were done at Steve Albini's Electric Audio in Chicago and from there Anders and producer Christoffer Roth travelled the world -- LA, London, Rio, Jamaica, etc. -- adding overdubs, all while filmmaker Jim Dziura documented the process.

The return of Kvalität

Kvalität is back up and running with a new website and a new live clip from Stockholm punk/funk act Munnen: http://www.kvalitat.com/2012/videos/munnen/
RIYL Black Eyes.

Presenting: Natten

New electronic/ambient weirdness from , issued in a very limited run of 28 physical copies with a 13-minute bonus jam not available on the digital version.

Kvelertak recording with Ballou

Kvelertak is currently at Godcity Studios in Massachusetts recording a new album with engineer/Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. Expect an early 2013 release.

Westkust at Bandcamp

Westkust is now up on Bandcamp with their fantastic debut "Junk EP" available for streaming in full, paid download or as a very affordable vinyl package. Well worth picking up!

Simon Says goodbye

Norwegian indierockers Simon Says No! are calling it quits with one last EP of previously unreleased material called "For the last time" and a couple of farewell gigs in Bergen and Oslo on September 29 and October 11 respectively.

The Blind - Open wild tagning

Sadly, this excellent minimalist demo track is likely the final thing we'll ever hear from The Blind as the Swedish synthpop group has decided to part ways. Expect news on future projects from ex-members in the near future.

Then Comes Silence - Deepest darkest

New dark rock from Then Comes Silence, officially due out November 7 via . More here.

New Bröderna Lindgren album in October

The new Bröderna Lindgren album "I tiden" will be out on October 3 and you can preview the lead track "Här är jag" (feat. Ebbot Lundberg) at the label 's website: http://www.brusoknaster.se/
Other guest vocalists on said album include Amanda Bergman (Jaw Lesson), Britta Persson, Magnus Carlsson (Weeping Willows), Patrik Arve (Teddybears), Anja Bigrell (Montys Loco), Mattias Alkberg, First Aid Kit and more.

New Warvictims stuff on the way

Warvictims were back in the studio for the first time since 2009 recording some new tracks for an upcoming split 12" with Dropend; full details and a few video clips here.

Disco Ensemble - Second soul

"Second soul" is the new single from Finland's Disco Ensemble. The band's new album "Warriors" will be out on September 21 via .

Hybris signs Blood Music

has signed Blood Music, the solo alias of Karl-Jonas Winqvist, and will be releasing a new album from him this fall, his first since 2008's "I lay my keys wherever I go". The first single "Glad that you called" features First Aid Kit and can be heard via Swedish Radio right here.