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Johan Heltne working on a new album

Johan Heltne, one of my favorite artists of year's past, reports that he has started work on his next album. The working title: "Låt de döda begrava sina döda"/"Let the dead bury their own dead". As for the music, he says the first bits that have been recorded can be described as "kristet funkiga" while the overriding concept is "party music for adult singles."

The Floor is Made of Lava album details

Danish indierockers The Floor is Made of Lava have confirmed that their new album, their third overall, will be called "Kids & drunks" and will be released on October 1, both as a regular CD and LP and also as a deluxe digipack edition with bonus tracks.

I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper - Lucid dreaming

"Lucid dreaming" is the latest single from Finland's I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper and it comes off the band's new album "There", due out in September.

Vainio + Nordwall

Experimental/noise titans Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic, Ø, etc.) and Joachim Nordwall (The Skull Defekts, The Idealist) are collaborating on an album called "Monstrance" to be released via .

New Kitty Wu gets name, release date

After a few fits and starts, Kitty Wu has now confirmed that their new album "Carrier pigeons" will be released on September 10.

Aoria album preview

Preview two tracks from "The constant", the upcoming debut album from Swedish melancholy/melodic doom/metal act Aoria. The band features members from acts such as A Swarm of the Sun, October Tide and Katatonia and will definitely appeal to like-minded fans of such acts. Official release: October 10 via on LP/CD/digital.

Where's the harm in dreams now realized?

Believe it or not, the final Cut City album "Where's the harm in dreams disarmed" actually now exists in physical vinyl form and is available for ordering: http://cutcity.bigcartel.com/product/cut-city-where-s-the-harm-in-dreams-disarmed
It's been a long time coming, but for an album this good, it's well worth it.

Brilliance begets Karat

Norwegian label/booking agency (Philco Fiction, Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii) has split off a new company called to house their heavier artists such as Benea Reach and Jeroan Drive. Check the new website: http://karatrecords.no/

Switchblade, the coffee

Bands with their own wine or beer is so passé, now it's time to move on to another beverage: coffee. And Switchblade is leading the way, as you can read here. The band's new coffee blend, concocted together with folks from Stockholm Roast, will come with a mug as part of a pre-order package for the band's upcoming LP.

Albin - En timme kvar

Now available for streaming/paid download via Bandcamp, the new Albin album "En timme kvar", out now via . As mentioned before, this is the solo debut from multi-instrumentalist Albin Johansson, best known for backing a number of artists such as Solander, Big Fox and Edda Magnason. If the idea of mellow organ jams sounds like a good time, you'll be way into this.

Solförmörkelse sampler

Three samples from three new 7" releases on , released as part of their 12-part series documenting Malmö's current vital experimental music scene.

Nocturnal - Until the morning light

New heavy rock outta Sweden, expertly recorded by Niels Nielsen and due for release on 7" vinyl on August 28 via .

Combat Rock signs Ydinperhe, Kuudes Silmä

has announced that they'll be doing a reissue of Ydinperhe's self-titled/self-released LP in the near future. Preview said LP at Bandcamp. CRI will also be putting out the debut EP from Helsinki-based act Kuudes Silmä, a Finnish band trafficking in the currently-popular dark/gothic punk style. Hear samples from them here.

Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost - The blue hour (teaser)

Due out September 21 via , the new album "The blue hour" from Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost.

Picture - True EP

Gentle new age pop from 's newest artist Picture, aka David Kyhlberg, one half of Sail a Whale.