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MP3: The End Will Be Kicks - Exit ramps

So I busted out The End Will Be Kick's 2005 self-titled debut not too long ago after letting it collect dust on my shelf for way too long and was glad to discover that age had not dwindled its greatness, not even in the slightest. Real talk: Guitarist Niklas Quintana's career with the acts Him Kerosene and Breach would have been more than enough to seal his legacy; his work with the supremely underappreciated TEWBK was the victory lap you didn't know you needed (you do). As far as I'm concerned, dude can now rest on his laurels and enjoy being a dad and a regular citizen without recording another note because, even if far few people listen to his records, his body of work still towers over the rest of the Swedish indie scene now and forevermore.

The End Will Be Kicks - Exit ramps

Dead Lord - No prayers can help you now (video)

Fenriz' latest band of the week Dead Lord has some serious Thin Lizzy vibes going on! Look for their debut 7" to be released very soon via .

MP3: In These Woods - Ghost

In These Woods' self-titled debut/final? EP from late 2010 didn't make much of a splash, but it's still one of my favorite indierock releases of recent memory. While I love bands like Culkin and Tennis Bafra, they're often operating more off of a classic US indie template as opposed to ITW's inherent Swedish-ness. Of course it all comes from the same place if you trace it back far enough, but ITW has a far stronger direct kinship to Him Kerosene and Fireside than Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr.. It's in the sharpness of the rhythms, the way the melodies move and layer; there's nothing else like it.

In These Woods - Ghost

Latest Hebosagil now available for streaming/download

Following in the tradition established with their previous albums, Finnish noiserockers par excellence Hebosagil have posted their latest work "Ura" for free streaming/download. See here: http://hebosagil.com/2012/ura/
If you like music that is dirty and heavy, you need this.

Black Twig - Paper aeroplane/Kouvola (fast)

is giving away the new Black Twig single "Paper aeroplane" as a free download, along with letting you hear the b-side "Kouvola (fast)".

Baxter Stockman - Romance (video)

New stuff from Finnish pigfuckers Baxter Stockman off the 7" of the same name, due out tomorrow via . Not exactly safe for work.

MP3: Culkin - Glow

Can't deny that I count various members of Culkin as my personal friends, but that doesn't mean I don't sincerely believe they are a good band. Wait, scratch that: great band! I know I'm predisposed to enjoy guitar-based indierock -- that much is obvious -- but that also doesn't mean that Culkin automatically qualify on that front either because there's a shit-ton of bands with dudes playing guitars who are straight-up garbage. Along with Tennis Bafra and a few others, Culkin herald the arrival of what I hope to be a new age of Swedish indierawk, with one foot in the past (see song titles such as "Tim Kerosene" and if you don't get it, do your homework) and eyes toward the future. The vital ingredients: strong hooks, a muscular rhythm section and dense melodies. Culkin has it all, along with triumphant guitar solos as a bonus.
"Glow" is the slow-burn epic opener of the band's new album "Several Sundays" and I hope they don't get mad at me for sharing it with you, but I'm doing it anyway. Act first, apologize later y'know. Buy the CD here or listen at Spotify.

Culkin - Glow

First Love, Last Rites - Walk you home

Solid new indierock from Umeň courtesy of First Love, Last Rites and . "Walk you home" is the first single from the band's upcoming sophomore album.

Den Inre Striden - Demo

Check out some demo tunes from the new classic Swedish punk/progg-influenced act Den Inre Striden. A little rough around the edges, but I dig where they're going.

Reveries preview

is currently streaming the new album "Reveries" from Norwegian shoegazers Maribel in full via SoundCloud.

Culkin - Libbets Casey

I've talked a lot about Culkin the past few years, but here now finally is the band's first official single "Libbets Casey". Look for the band's much-anticipated (and totally great) album "Several Sundays" to be released on March 7 via .

Starmarket live @ Gamla Ugglan, Stockholm (video)

The past is alive! PS, I'd much rather see a Starmarket reunion than those other dudes from Umeň.

Tennis Bafra album preview

The new Tennis Bafra album "Abulia jubilee", now streaming in full via SoundCloud.

Tennis Bafra - Halal haircut (video)

PSL has the premiere of the new video "Halal haircut" from authentic 90s Swedish indierock relics Tennis Bafra: http://blogg.svt.se/psl/2012/01/30/premiar-tennis-bafra-halal-haircut/

Tennis Bafra - Halal haircut

A new track from Swedish indierockers Tennis Bafra, the 2nd single off their upcoming album "Abulia jubilee".