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The end of Elm Street

Renown Oslo nightclub Elm Street will be closing its doors on December 31 after 21 years of existence. Backstreet Girls will be the last band on stage for the final New Year's Eve performance and will be playing their entire 1989 album "Party on Elm Street" in full.

Ja Ja Ja November

London-based Scandinavian music showcase Ja Ja Ja will celebrate their 2nd anniversary in November with a marketing and networking workshop event hosted by NOMEX and Record of the Day: http://www.exportmusicsweden.org/2011/10/jajaja-celebrates-its-2-years-anniversary/
The usual club show will happen as well and will feature French Films, Marit Larsen and Sóley.

Moono Studio robbery

Moono Studio, the studio of label (which is run by two members from Oh No Ono), was recently robbed of DKK 500,000/$100,000 USD worth of gear: http://moono.org/index-eng.html
Keep an eye out for an equipment list to be posted shortly and locals, keep an eye on secondhand dealers for stuff to start showing up.

10th annual P3 Guld details announced

The P3 Guld Awards will return to Liseberghallen in Göteborg for their 10th annual gala on January 21, 2012. Should you want to attend in-person as opposed to watching live via SVT1, tickets will be made available on October 28; as for the actual award nominees, they will be announced in early December.

by:Larm 2012 jury selections revealed

The 25 jury-selected up-and-coming acts for by:Larm 2012 have been revealed: http://bylarm.no/eng/artists
Can't say that I'm familiar with a lot of them, but both Dark Times and Execration are fantastic.

Svensk Musik label of the month: Flora & Fauna

, home to acts such as Rigas, Moder Jords Massiva , Parken, Sir Eric Beyond and many more, is celebrating their 10th anniversary and is also Svensk Musik's label of the month: http://svenskmusik.org/article/october-flora-fauna/
Follow the link for an interview with label mainman Henrik von Euler plus a bit about their latest releases from artists such as Sjöarna and New Rose.

Vanbot and The Bombettes confirmed for SXSW 2012

Pop act Vanbot and Umeå punkrockers The Bombettes are two of the first Swedish acts to be confirmed for SXSW 2012.

Susanna Wallumrød begets SusannaSonata

The Wire reports that Susanna Wallumrød of Susanna and the Magical Orchestra is starting a new digital-only label called : http://thewire.co.uk/articles/7633/
Her first release with the new endeavor, which is designed to release single tracks as opposed to albums, will be a cover of Roy Harper's "Twelve hours of sunset" on November 1.

KODA continues the war against music blogs

Apparently KODA is even charging Danish bloggers for YouTube embeds? Oh, but wait! They might be having second thoughts: http://politiken.dk/kultur/musik/ECE1412844/koda-ombestemmer-sig-i-bloggersag/ (in Danish)

Music Export Finland and FIMIC become one

Music Export Finland and the Finnish Music Information Centre have joined forces and consolidated as Music Finland to further promote Finnish music abroad throughout the world. Read the press release: http://www.fimic.fi/fimic/fimic.nsf/0/8B4FC57252827251C225791F003DDA05?opendocument
And speaking of Finns going abroad, the FIMIC project "News from Helsinki" will be sending Jimi Tenor, The Wrecking Queens, Jaakko & Jay and Dusha Pitera to Moscow for a showcase at Sixteen Tons on October 13: http://www.fimic.fi/fimic/fimic.nsf/0/0A68ED4C733C9823C22578FC0047C479?opendocument

The Hives - Thousand answers

This is the future: The Hives release a new song as part of the new videogame "FIFA 2012". "Thousand answers" is said to be a leftover from the band's last record, 2007's "The black and white album".

Gaffa comes to Norway

Scandinavian music mag Gaffa is expanding beyond Denmark and Sweden to Norway and will be opening their new website later this month with the free monthly print edition to follow in spring 2012. Øyvind Rones from Groove.no has been hired as editor.

KODA imposes Danish music blog tax

Gaffa reports that Danish publishing/performing rights organization KODA is charging a tax to music bloggers who post music: http://gaffa.dk/nyhed/52883
More here: http://politiken.dk/kultur/musik/ECE1400625/musikbloggere-frygter-fremtiden/ (in Danish, also see the related articles at the bottom)
The fine print: 109,69 Danish kroner per month for non-commercial blogs with less than 2000 downloads or streams, 219.38 kr. for under 5000 and 329.08 kr. for up to 10k. Exceed that and you enter commercial media territory.

New label: Father Figure Records

is a new Danish label, home to Icelandic artist Dad Rocks! (aka Snævar Njáll Albertsson of Mimas), and wholly devoted to Creative Commons music licensing: http://fatherfigurerecords.com/
Dad Rocks!' debut album "Mount modern" will be released on November 8 with the labels (US), (UK) and (ICE) each handling it in their respective territories.

Acid House Kings, the app

The latest Acid House Kings album "Music sounds better with you" is now also the world's first indiepop app: http://www.undertheradarmag.com/news/acid_house_kings_announce_ipad_app/