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TLOBF interviews Amanda Mair

The Line of Best Fit interviews ' latest signing, the 16yo singer/songwriter Amanda Mair: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2011/10/interview-amanda-mair/

A Day in the Mouth: Jussi Lehtisalo (Ektro Records, Circle)

Finnish artist/filmmaker Sami Sänpäkkilä spends the day with Jussi Lehtisalo, head of and founding member of Circle, as well as a ton of other bands such as Pharaoh Overlord, Ektroverde, Steel Mammoth and so on.

InMyKitchen interviews Deathcrush

InMyKitchen interviews Norwegian noiserock upstarts Deathcrush: http://inmykitchenwith.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/deathcrush/
And as they say, don't forget the band is playing Debaser Malmö on November 5 for It's a Trap! Clubnights!

Elektrauma interviews Henric de la Cour

Elektrauma interviews Henric de la Cour about his debut solo album: http://elektrauma.com/interviewanzeige.php4?InterviewNummer=208

The Swede Beat interviews Dante

The Swede Beat interviews Swedish pop artist Dante, the solo alias of Dante Kinnunen of The Concretes: http://www.theswedebeat.com/new2011/music/interview-dante

Svensk Musik label of the month: Flora & Fauna

, home to acts such as Rigas, Moder Jords Massiva , Parken, Sir Eric Beyond and many more, is celebrating their 10th anniversary and is also Svensk Musik's label of the month: http://svenskmusik.org/article/october-flora-fauna/
Follow the link for an interview with label mainman Henrik von Euler plus a bit about their latest releases from artists such as Sjöarna and New Rose.

A Fist in the Face of God interviews Antichrist

A Fist in the Face of God treks to Göteborg to interview Swedish thrashers Antichrist: http://afistinthefaceofgod.blogspot.com/2011/10/interview-with-antichrist.html

Gothenburg pop with Katakomb (video interview)

Svensk Musik talks GBG pop with up-and-comers Katakomb.

West Side talks with The Culture in Memoriam

talks to The Culture in Memoriam about their new single "Sisters", among other topics: http://www.westsidefabrication.se/news/t.c.i.m/

Kashmir to release best-of collection

Kashmir will taking advantage of the 11/11/11 date to release a career retrospective album entitled "Katalogue". Said collection will include 32 songs including the obligatory new single "Electrified love" as well as a few live recordings from DM i Rock circa '93.

Musik med Mattias Alkberg and more

Live music at PSL with Mattias Alkberg and Magnus Ekelund. Required viewing, 'natch. Also at PSL, a brief chat with José González about how he's working on his third solo record: http://blogg.svt.se/psl/2011/10/05/extra-extra-jose-gonzalez-spelar-in-nytt/

Interview: Henric de la Cour

Interview: Henric de la Cour

The Quietus vs The Thing

The Quietus runs down the discography of Swedish/Norwegian free-jazz monster The Thing: http://thequietus.com/articles/07094-the-strange-frightening-world-of-the-thing

Svensk Musik: The history of Swedish club music

Svensk Musik has published a great new article on the history of Swedish club music, from the mid-80s through today: http://svenskmusik.org/article/the-history-of-swedish-club-music/

Progulator interviews White Willow

Progressive rock blog Progulator interviews Jacob Holm-Lupo of White Willow about the band's upcoming album "Terminal twilight": http://progulator.com/news/special-interview-with-white-willows-jacob-holm-lupo/