Tag: Vinyl

Brännmärkt - Levande lögn

Raw Lidköping crust from members of M:40, The Shocking Odds and Digher. Look for the band's debut EP "Ingen vinner" to be released on July 21 via with a release show alongside M:40 at Stand Matsalar the same day.

New Fatboy album coming in September

Swedish rockabilly act Fatboy has announced that their new album "Love Creole" will be released on September 26 via . The first single "Walk your way" will be out on August 27 and will be available both as a digital download and a limited 7".

Europ Europ - Mellowharsher (preview #2)

A 2nd preview for the upcoming Europ Europ 10" MLP "Mellowharsher". Full details here.

Invisible Guy reviews Dimmorna Skingras Vol. 2

Invisible Guy has posted a very extensive track-by-track review of Volume 2 of the Swedish punk/hardcore comp series "Dimmorna Skingras": http://invisibleguy.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/va-dimmorna-skingras-vol-2/

Presenting: Keep Rising

New Swedish hardcore by way of featuring members from Meleeh, Gadget and In Ruins Of. Digital files are available now, the 7" version will be ready on July 22.

Svart to release two new albums from Arktau Eos

has announced that they will be releasing the next two albums from Finnish ritual/dark ambient artists Arktau Eos this coming fall, the vinyl-only release "Unworeleds" and the CD "Ioh-Maera". Even better, the band will coming to the US for their debut performance at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle on September 15 to be followed by an appearance at the Stella Natura Festival in the Sierra on September 20-23. See you there?

Fysisk Format announces new Nils Bech single, album in fall

has announced that they will be releasing the new Nils Bech 12" single "A sudden sickness" on June 29 with the album "Look inside" to follow this fall. Full details here, video coming soon.

New Makabert Fynd 7" "Ondskans flint" on D-takt & Råpunk

will be doing a new Makabert Fynd 7" with a special limited edition of 50 to go along with the band on their upcoming European tour; dates and details posted here.

Snøskred - We are

New Norwegian indierock on a noisy shoegaze tip from the band Snøskred, due out this Friday via and available both on 7" vinyl and digital.

Combat Rock picks up First Times

has announced that they will be releasing the debut 7" EP from Finnish power-pop/punk-rockers First Times this coming August; sample two of the four tunes above. The label will also be releasing The Phoenix Foundation's new album "Silence" this coming August which I believe will be the band's 5th album in their 10 years as a band.

Viisikko - IIII

I had no idea that Viisikko put out a full-length, but apparently they did and the whole damn thing is up for streaming/download via Bandcamp. Cassette copies are sold out, but apparently a proper vinyl pressing is on the way and I'll try my best to keep y'all posted. Recommended? Very.

Johan G. Winther - Dränkstenen/Vanmakten

Two long tracks of beautiful drone from my friend Johan G. Winther off his upcoming 10" "Dränkstenen/Vanmakten", due out soon via .

Järtecknet going vinyl

Göteborg-based experimental/dark music label is expanding beyond their existence as a cassette-only label with their very first set of vinyl releases which will feature LPs from Krökta Rum, The Copper Roof Houses and Blodvite. Details http://www.järtecknet.se/news.html

Hell Comes Home split series samples

A buncha tracks from that split 7" series are now streaming at Bandcamp.

Gaphals to release Beast! 7"

will be putting out a new 7" from Stockholm heavy rockers Beast! featuring the a-side cut "Devil's throat" b/w "Buckle up". Expect an early August release, full pre-order details (and eventually samples?) are available here.