Artist: Missbrukarna

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombieMissbrukarna
Zooma in en zombie
Skrammel Records


Essential first-wave Swedish hardcore that's raging fast, surprisingly melodic and also a heckuva lot of fun. Even better, the rare tracks culled from various cassette releases, live sessions and so on are every bit as good as the band's all-too-few official vinyl recordings, limited to a mere split 7" with fellow Swedes Panik and the first volume of the "Really fast" comp series. Hopefully most folks who fit the target audience for this LP will have already picked it up by now, but for dabblers there's always Spotify.
- Avi Roig

Best of 2012 (so far)

Best of 2012 (so far)

Been meaning to get this written up for over a week now, but I haven't found the time and now that I'm about head out on vacation to Sweden for a couple weeks, I figure I need to get at least something up. So without further ado, here's my picks for the best releases of 2012 so far (in alphabetical order):

Agent Side Grinder - Hardware ()
Beastmilk - Use your deluge ()
Diskoteket - Det ska se ut som slutet ()
Magnus Ekelund & Stålet - Supernova EP ()
Nitad - Rastlös & vild ()
Susanne Sundfør - The silicone veil ()
Tvärvägen - Staring directly into the sun ()
Vånna Inget - Jag ska fly tills jag hittar hem ()

On the cusp/too early to tell:
Anchorless - Every nook and cranny ()
Norra Kust - s/t ()
Westkust - Junk EP ()

Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombie ()
Ratsia - Jäljet ()

Listen to a selection of these records below via Spotify:

Missbrukarna available for preorder

has made the much-anticipated Missbrukarna LP available for preorder:
Grab it now and get a free 7" from Alouatta or The Nature, both equally solid bands.

A busy year for Skrammel

Swedish punk label upcoming release schedule:

03/01 - Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombie
03/15 - Bad Antics - Where did i go wrong

Later this year: RAS (album), Novelties (album), Rolf och Revoltörerna (compilation), Trenchrot (album), Moralens Väktare (EP) and Thräshers (album).

Skrammel's Missbrukarna LP set for late August

As mentioned in February, is releasing a compilation LP of rare and never-released material from classic Swedish punks Missbrukarna and it's now confirmed that said collection will be called "Zooma in en zombie" and it will be released on August 30 and will feature 30+ tracks plus extensive liner notes. Download a sample tune:

Skrammel to release Missbrukarna LP

has announced that their next project will be a Missbrukarna LP consisting of the legendary Swedish punk band's sole full-length release, which I believe is the "Krigets gentlemen" cassette. More details are forthcoming... UPDATE: Skrammel has informed me that the LP will actually be a collection of various never-released material that they compiled together with the assistance of member Rolf Bäcklund. Expect it to be out sometime this spring.

Warcollapse covers collection almost ready

The test pressings have been approved for Warcollapse's new all-covers collection "Crap, scrap and unforgivable slaughter vol. 2", a continuation of the 7" they released on back in 2003 -- however, this time 'round they're only covering fellow Scandinavians such as Missbrukarna, Bannlyst, War of Destruction, Rattus and Purrkur Pillnikk. The official release date is set for March 4, preorder here:

Top tens for 2010: Robert Bäckström (Skrammel)

Makabert Fynd/Nice Idiot - Fuck your scene, kid volume 1Makabert Fynd/Nice Idiot
Fuck your scene, kid volume 1


"Fuck your scene, kid," emphasis on kid. This split 7" pairs up two sort of new-ish Swedish hardcore acts composed of long-time scene vets that attempts to teach the youngsters of this world how it's done. Come to think of it, it's actually kind of amazing how much of modern hardcore has turned into an old man's game -- young upstarts continue to flail and pose while the jaded bastards remain the ones who consistently deliver the goods. The pessimism and defeat of age has its benefits! As for the music, Makabert Fynd deliver four ragers in as many minutes with a fierce, dual-vocal attack and a Missbrukarna cover. On the flip, Nice Idiot does a similar fast and furious thing with the main differences being lyrics på engelska, a slightly longer attention span and a touch of crossover thrash. The get in/get out/wipe your hands approach of the former wins for me in the end, but both sides rage effectively. 447 copies, hand-numbered, dark purple vinyl; shame that the original screened covers got botched as Kranium's graphic design is almost reason enough to pick this up, though the offset print does the job fine. Also nice to know that "Volume 2" featuring Dobermann Cult and Fredag den 13:e is already out, so no waiting to see whether this series will take off or not. Respect your elders!
- Avi Roig