Video mix: KVLR, El Perro Del Mar, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Entombed, Division of Laura Lee, Abhinanda, more...

KVLR - Birthcam
Nothing new under the sun in the directing of this video. Just the band playing the song in a room, a video that's been done so many times before. BUT the song itself makes this video a must-see. KVLR is a band more people should discover. (JA)

The Knife - Pass this on
Great Video and a great song. My girlfriend is convinced that is a transvestite singing. I really can't tell. Maybe my living situation has made me blind. Good thing I am off for some much needed vacation in... ehr, San Francisco. (PA)

El Perro Del Mar – Gods knows (you gotta give to get)
Twee animation here from El Perro Del Mar. Ambitious video, fantastic song. (ST)

Totalt Jävla Mörker - Kall värld
The new album by TJM may have more metal influences in it, but these guys still play hardcore as it's supposed to sound. And the refrain is a damn hit! Check out the new self-titled album out on Relapse. (JA)

Juli & The Monoliths - Itämaista Rakkautta
The lipsynch is terrible, but who could fault Nina Persson? Everything she does has her own attractive appeal. Ain't that so boys! In Finnish she is daft. (JC)

Entombed - Night of the vampire
Who doesn't love a good Swedish death-metal cover of Roky Erickson? Not me. I think I still have this 7" sitting around somewhere. (AR)

Division Of Laura Lee - Dirty Love
Features Nina Persson (The Cardigans, A Camp) on guest vocals. In my opinion, one of Swedens finest bands. Pretty cool video as well... (JA)

Jenny Wilson & Robyn – List of demands (Saul Williams cover)
Yes, two of Sweden's greatest female artists do a blinding cover of Saul Williams' hypnotic song. (ST)

Quit Your Dayjob - Vlado video
Just like one of my previous videopost for IAT (Logh - The smoke will lead you home), this video is shot just a few blocks from my apartment. In fact, in the videostore where I rent horrormovies when I'm in that mood! Low-budget and hilarious! (JA)

Abhinanda - City of hope
Yes! Classic Norrland sXe hardcore at its finest! This shows the beginnings of that classic discordant post-hardcore sound I hold so dear. (AR)

.:Who's who?

PA: Per Apelqvist
JA: Jonas Appelqvist
JC: Jason Christie
AR: Avi Roig
ST: Simon Tagestam