Mechanical Bird
11 songs for perchers
d'Oorhinge l'Orange


According to the D'oorhinge L'Orange website, Mechanical Bird's sequel to 2005's "Manuskipt" was a three year effort. For a style of music as uncomplicated and rarely groundbreaking as this, that may not bode well. But songwriter Jakob Brixen recorded the songs by himself with the occasional guest, and the effort put into this album seems that of a perfectionist. "11 songs for perchers" is not quiet beauty, as one might describe most alt-country or folk, but ambience, melodrama, skill, and focused effort. The moody ambient sounds introducing each track slowly fade out and slide under the strumming acoustic guitars, personal lyrics, and occasional strolling drums, and contribute just as much to the album as the works themselves. Don't take this description and think the songs are slow and boring, there is a good amount of hidden energy within, but the energy is let out slowly, with the utmost precision and control, and a minimal amount of pretension. It is an impressive display of craftsmanship, if not entirely original in its concept. But what is anyway?
- Paul Bredenberg