The Setting Son - s/tThe Setting Son
Bad Afro


Fully embracing the dark side of 1960s psychedelic rock, The Setting Son's self-titled debut album is a strange trip, but one worth embarking on. Combining the sounds of early Rolling Stones with the very distinctive Scandinavian take on garage rock, this record doesn't take breaks and doesn't need breathers. With a Phil Spector-like approach to the layering of their music, The Setting Son build their songs from jangled, thin guitar lines, warm keys, thick organs, the deep, percussive elements of the bass and drums, and Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen's strained, fitting vocal delivery. The Black Lips sound like they have studied the approach of 60s rock bands and carefully reconstructed the delivery; The Setting Son craft their music with such youthful, raw energy that the songs feel more like lost cousins of that iconic era instead of a talented resurrection of melodies lost in time's cruel passage.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson