Petter - God damn itPetter
God damn it


There aren't that many Swedish rappers who have managed to achieve commercial success. Petter is an exception, he released his debut album in 1998 and even though his last two albums didn't sell as much as the previous ones (due to not being as good, I'd say), he's still the biggest hip-hop star in Sweden. Nowadays Petter lives in a Swedish ski resort and writes a popular blog (mainly about his kids). On his sixth album he tries very hard to come across as just a normal person who is like everyone else, though it feels a bit tired, like something a politician would do. His rhyming skills just aren't that great and the whole production is very unoriginal. However, his blog is actually a pretty good read, and much more interesting than his current musical output.

Even though Petter is very honest and open in his lyrics, he no longer has that drive that gave him such an appeal in the beginning of his career when he released tracks such as "Mikrofonkåt". The title track is ok, but the whole album is too much of a half-hearted effort, and sampling Säkert! on "Logiskt" feels shoddy and cheap.
- Simon Tagestam