MP3: Holmes - The arms of someone else

At their best Holmes sound like the dour Swedish Americana of Amandine crossed with the poetic melancholy of The Book of Daniel. At their worst, well... that sound can be pretty damn boring and it does get that way after a few songs. But one at a time? All good.
Living like I do in the cold, wet Pacific Northwest, I feel a kinship with the people of Göteborg and their similar grey existence and likewise, I can appreciate the temptation to subsist on music that befits the climate. Art is supposed to reflect your surroundings, is it not? This is the sound of walking down by the water at night in a light drizzle. Of sitting by yourself with a beer in hand, trying to clear your head. True, quiet melancholy; reflective and regretful, but resolved. Honestly, I think it's a beautiful thing and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Though to be sure: moderation is key. A little goes a long, long way.

Holmes - The arms of someone else