Top 10s for 2009: Mattias Alkberg (The Bear Quartet)

2009 highlights

The Black Metal issue of Terrorizer magazine. (For someone like me, not trve to anything in particular, it was informative, hilarious and most of all, lovely to finally gain more info and perspective on a scene I've come to worship.)

Cthonic – Rise of the shadow (album track, Taiwanese, melodic black metallers make my (under-) world spin.)

Nerverna on vinyl

Nerverna tour

The Bear Quartet

Red Riding

Gaahl for coming out and involving himself in fashion. Especially since it's fur. It's funny, and it almost makes me not weep that he seems to have left black metal for good and ever.

El Perro Del Mar – Love is not pop

Taxi Taxi! – Still standing at your backdoor

Hospitalet firar sommar


Nikanor Teratologen - Att hata allt mänskligt liv

The things that sucked the most were basically the same as usual: Church & State. Millions of Dead Cops were spot on back in 1982 and I see no reason to revise their analysis any time soon.

Mattias says: 2010 will be kind of like 2009. Or like most years, really. Not much difference, mostly same-old, same-old. This means I'll try to make as many albums as possible and to not go insane in the process. 2009 was a so-so year. Much work, much accomplished that I set out to do. But also more death and sorrow than previous years. It's the balance of life I suppose. If I believed in any of that pseudo-religious bullshit.