Top 10s for 2009: Turboweekend

Top Ten 2009

01. Consistency: Releasing and touring with our second album was a relief. We're not a one record band after all!!

02. Border breaking: We got the new album out in Germany, Switzerland (and with the beginning of 2010 also in Poland, Hungary, Norway, Finland, and possibly Australia, New Zealand and China). Supporting Who Made Who in Germany has been great fun.

03. Green Future: We're in the middle of Hopenhagen right now, and there's a lot of big words getting tossed around, but if just some of them will land on a piece of paper that a majority of the worlds current leaders will sign, then we might not only see a healthier development of the human civilization, but also a more fair development on a global economical level.

04. Family: Morten's younger brother had a son named Otto and our stand-in keyboardplayer Peter Olsen had a son called Hugo. Welcome to the world!

05. Colleagues: When Saints Go Machine's debut album "Ten makes a face" is on our top 5 of best albums in 2009, and we've had the great pleasure of playing with them many times over the year and watching them develop as a live act. And a bunch of great Danish acts are doing well abroad, Oh No Ono, Mew, Raveonettes, and Quadron who (I hear) is negotiating with a big LA label.

06. Collaboration: Joker heard Jkamata & 2000F's remix of "Something or nothing", and when we called him to ask if was interested in doing something together, he immediately agreed. First out is his widely blogged remix of "Trouble is", but we have more things in stall. Apart from that, we also did a cover of an old Danish 80's hit which was broadcast on national TV. Great fun.

07. Getting drunk again, and again, and again.

Last three are reserved for unpleasant discoveries of 2009

08. Hangovers (surprise every time)

09. The cost of touring internationally: Including the ever tightening baggage and overweight/oddsize rules of various airlines

10. Mindless r'n'booty and sugar dripping Pop is still topping the charts everywhere. And cover bands are still the highest paid and most frequently booked bands in Denmark.

Turboweekend released their sophomore album "Ghost of a chance" in 2009 which, as stated above, will be receiving a far wider release in 2010.