MP3: Assid - Habibi

I've recently been listening to this track a lot, in kind of a roundabout sort of way. The story: my wife and I go to the gym every morning (well, at least I do, her schedule is more, um, intermittent) and she requested my help with putting together some good workout tunes for her mp3 player. Of course I'm content with a healthy mix of brutal death metal and hardcore punk, but that just won't do -- she wants something melodic, so I oblige myself to pick out a few choice selections from my collection, most of which she is unfamiliar with. The criteria: match the BPM of High Hats' "The end", a track she knows and loves (as should everyone). So yeah, "The end" clocks at 155bpm, so I scan my files for appropriate tunes to match... Laakso and The Hives seem to fit the bill pretty well, but I know that few things are better than a pounding techno beat and "Habibi" is a solid 156 according to my calculator. Perfect! Now I just have to contend with her shrilly shouting "Don't!" at me every time I do something she doesn't like. Which is surprisingly often.

Assid - Habibi