We are the Storm - Live @ Popadelica, Huskvarna 05/01/2010We are the Storm
Live @ Popadelica, Huskvarna 05/01/2010


"The really good songs tends to write themselves," singer and guitarist Staffan Blomén declared as we sat down for a chat a couple of hours before We are the Storm played at this year's rendition of the Popadelica Festival in Huskvarna, Sweden. We were of course talking about the smashing "I woke up to the bells", which surfaced as a live video a while back. The song is simply breathtaking, so simple and yet so direct. Can you believe this band is still unsigned? They won't be for long, take my word for it. Listening to the songs on the eponymous EP the band released last year got me thinking about Fireside still on their best, or a rougher version of Britain's Athlete. While I was under the impression that the music of We are the Storm was all about dealing with all those not-so-good-feelings we all get from time to time, Blomén explained it was quite the opposite. We are the Storm are all about letting out all that which can't be kept within, no matter the feelings. A fact very clear when the band finally hits the stage - The Seven Nation Army, seven people crowded in a very limited space, performing like their lives depended on it. Let me say this again: We are the Storm are still not signed to any label (it's crazy, I know)! They still lack some experience when it comes to playing live, yes, but the songs! This short 30 min set features only new songs, songs that hopefully will be recorded sometime this summer, and even though "I woke up to the bells" is still the strongest song by far, I sense great potential in these lads from Uppsala. Sure, they need to work on their performance, but with a few more shows in the bloodstream I'm sure they will figure out how to get a good flow going. Because here's the thing, when they're actually playing music, they are amazing! Record labels, get it touch. Now.
- Christian Stenbacke