MP3: Odyssey - Pyramids

Speaking of pyramids, I like to imagine that this song is a direct expression of old-man-clouding over the modern era of tumblr-meets-witch house-style content-less/geometry-obsessed internet youth culture, which I suppose could be totally plausible considering Odyssey's own old-school, Geocities-style website, but I strongly suspect I am off the mark. Regardless, it's a good tune and I'm really into the recording which was done at Studio Hufvudstaden in Söderköping, a fact I gladly didn't discover until I had already made up my mind about it. Makes sense though- much like Maim who also recorded there, Odyssey's album "Abyssmal despair" sounds extremely rugged and dirty while still somehow retaining every instrument's place in the mix without ever getting muddy. Aside from a few minor overdubs, I bet this is an incredibly accurate representation of what these three dudes sound like jamming in a room together. In other cases I'm all for using the studio as its own instrument, but it makes perfect sense for a group of heavy jammers like this.

Odyssey - Pyramids