Turist i tillvaron vol 5 tracklist

The tracklist for volume 5 of Mikael Sörling's much-heralded punk/hardcore compilation series "Turist i tillvaron" is now confirmed: http://www.sirling.blogspot.se/2012/09/latordning-vol-5.html
Expect a November/December release.

Peter Dolving - Meinhof

New Peter Dolving sounds like Silverbullit?

Julian & Marina - The knight

Surprisingly low-key synthpop considering the presence of an ex-member from BWO. Julian & Marina = Marina Schiptjenko (BWO, Page, Vacuum) and Julian Brandt (Lustans Lakejer); debut EP "Absence" due out October 9.

Damage LP coming via Gaphals

Coming October 1 via , "Weapons of mass destruction" -- the debut "full-length" (uh, 10 songs in 14 minutes?) from Swedish thrashers Damage. Pre-order info at Bandcamp.

Agent Side Grinder - Live at Avesta Art 2012 (video)

Check out a full 50-minute live set from Swedish industrial act Agent Side Grinder.

Petra Marklund - Händerna mot himlen

Scandipop has the much-anticipated premiere of Petra Marklund's (September) brand new solo single "Händerna mot himlen": http://www.scandipop.co.uk/petra-marklund-handerna-mot-himlen-premiere/

Get down with the Cult of Randy

Due out September 10, the new Randy Barracuda LP "Random works of Randy Barracuda Vol. II".

Lymland - Mannen med rök i handen

"Mannen med rök i handen" is the second single from Swedish act Lymland off the band's debut album "Ensamtidsroman".

Hebosagil - Nurkkapöytä

A new tune from the mighty Hebosagil off the new cassette comp "Klassinen kokoelma #1". Other contributors to said collection include Viisikko, Vene, Turhuus and more.

Riddarna vinyl coming via Gaphals

is doing a vinyl pressing of Riddarna's most recent album "Bakom molnen", originally released on CD/digital via . Listen/pre-order: http://gaphals.bandcamp.com/album/riddarna-bakom-molnen-lp

Okkultokrati - No Ouroboros (+ new album news)

Finally, new music from Okkultokrati! The band's upcoming album "Snakereigns" has been officially confirmed for release on October 26 via and they say that musically-speaking, it "is a great leap for the band," and that they build their songs "on straightforward punk beats with the filth of unholy rock n' roll running through their veins." As for the lyrical themes contained therein: "The end of the universe, the end of the world and the end of self." Yes, this is my most anticipated release of 2012.

Pitchfork reviews Jens Lekman

Pitchfork reviews the new Jens Lekman album "I know what love isn't": http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/16979-i-know-what-love-isnt/

4AD picks up Indians

Enigmatic UK label 's latest signing: Danish act Indians, the solo alias of Copenhagen resident Søren Løkke Juul. Expect his debut album in early 2013, in the meantime look for him to be touring extensively all over the world this fall. Dates and more info here.

The return of Laakso?

Markus Krunegård is playing Cirkus in Stockholm on November 11 and it would be totally unremarkable except for the fact that both of his other bands Laakso and Hets! are opening: http://www.cirkus.se/index.php/events/view/markus_krunegard/
No idea yet if either of those bands will be doing more shows or making new music, but I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Lapko - White dog in Tokyo

An unreleased tune from Lapko's sessions for their most recent album "LOVE". Recommended!