Avant-garde Metal talks to Enslaved

Avant-garde Metal talks to Ivar Peersen of Enslaved about the band's new album "RiiTiiR", among many other subjects: http://avantgarde-metal.com/content/stories2.php?id=263

The Lionheads - Kids

"Kids" is the new single from Norwegian dance-friendly alt-rock act The Lionheads, officially due out September 17 via imprint .

The Raveonettes - The enemy (video)

The Raveonettes have a new video for the tune "The enemy" off their latest record "Observator". No idea what Pitchfork was thinking, I think the new album is totally solid.

Riddarna - Vakna till liv (video)

New from Swedish rockers Riddarna; hastily made in true rock'n'roll fuck-all style.

Specktors + Medina - Lågsus (video)

A new video for "Lågsus" from Danish hip-hop crew Specktors, this time remixed with guest vox from pop artist Medina.

It's a Trap! Clubnights 9/22: Out of Vogue + Anchor

Next week! Come celebrate the autumnal equinox with an evening of Swedish hardcore at Debaser Malmö with Out of Vogue and Anchor! As always, It's a Trap! Clubnights bringing you the best Scandinavia has to offer. The requisite FB event invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/407303379333860/

Nexus Kenosis album sampler

released the new Nexus Kenosis album "Elsewhen" earlier this week and while it's not yet available on all digital platforms, there's an abridged sampler up for streaming via Spotify. Recommended!

New Three Seasons album in November

Look for the new album "Understand the world" from Swedish retro/psych-rockers Three Seasons to be released on November 14 via the always-reliable .

Kebnekajse to release new album via Subliminal Sounds

will be releasing the new album "Aventure" from long-running Swedish psych/folk act Kebnekajse, their 9th overall and 3rd since the band's reunion back in 2001. More info and preorder details here.

Heartbreak Stereo "Double EP" stream

Finnish punkrockers Heartbreak Stereo are streaming their entire new "Double EP" in full via SoundCloud.

Knifven - Vaccinet (video)

A new homemade cellphone video from Swedish punkrockers Knifven.

iDEAL Mixtape #3

iDEAL Mixtape #3 comes to us courtesy of Swedish visual artist Fredrik Söderberg, who you might know from the album covers he's done for Junip and The Skull Defekts. As for the sounds, the descriptor says neo/dark-folk, but I haven't had a chance to listen yet myself.

YAST - Believes (video)

Malmö indierockers YAST have a new video for the tune "Believes".

Den Stora Vilan - För långt ut (video)

Den Stora Vilan star in a "retrofuturistic journey" video for the tune "För långt ut". Definitely worth checking out!

Özgür Can - The kings (feat. Rasmus Kellerman)

New stuff from Swedish techno artist Özgür Can featuring guest vocals from the one-and-only Rasmus Kellerman (Tiger Lou). Look for Özgür's new album "Put me in a box and label me" to be released on September 28; as for Rasmus' new so-far-anonymous project, expect to finally hear songs very, very soon.