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Suffer the Pain - The last massacre

Should have posted this days ago, but it got lost in the shuffle. Raw metal/punk from Sweden released on cassette, just as it should be. Look for a split 7" with fellow crust-metallers Bombs of Hades in the near future.

Presenting: Allvaret

Allvaret is a new band from Göteborg, debut LP soon via /.

Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombieMissbrukarna
Zooma in en zombie
Skrammel Records


Essential first-wave Swedish hardcore that's raging fast, surprisingly melodic and also a heckuva lot of fun. Even better, the rare tracks culled from various cassette releases, live sessions and so on are every bit as good as the band's all-too-few official vinyl recordings, limited to a mere split 7" with fellow Swedes Panik and the first volume of the "Really fast" comp series. Hopefully most folks who fit the target audience for this LP will have already picked it up by now, but for dabblers there's always Spotify.
- Avi Roig

General Surgery - Like an ever flying limb

Death metal in-jokes abound! This is the title track of the band's upcoming 7" EP, due out November 6 via .

Daniel Gilbert 7" preview

The new Daniel Gilbert 7" is now streaming via ' Bandcamp page.

Still Single reviews Giglinger

Since I've totally failed to cover this record myself in a timely fashion, allow me to redirect you to Still Single's assessment of Finnish noiserockers Giglinger's latest 7": http://still-single.tumblr.com/post/31841845298/giglinger-red-7-ep-king-penguin

Dalaplan - Trillar i (video + more)

New visuals from Swedish punkrockers Dalaplan as directed by Christian Jönsson for an upcoming documentary due to be released next year. Look for the band's new 7" single "Ta mig när jag faller" to be released by on October 10 to coincide with the start of the band's upcoming Swedish tour.

Niels Nielsen to Gaphals

It has been officially revealed that has picked up Niels Nielsen and will be releasing his new 7" single "Shadow twin" on October 26 with a full-length album to follow in spring.

New Daniel Gilbert single soon

will be handling the release of the new Daniel Gilbert (ex-Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström, etc.) 7" single "The soul of a fool" featuring the a-side "Led 2" b/w "The smell o'thunder". Official release date for the digital version is set for September 19, physical vinyl to follow later. As for his new album, he's currently working on it with Olle Björk and Per Stålberg at Welfare Sound Studio in Göteborg, so maybe later this fall?

Kebnekajse to release new album via Subliminal Sounds

will be releasing the new album "Aventure" from long-running Swedish psych/folk act Kebnekajse, their 9th overall and 3rd since the band's reunion back in 2001. More info and preorder details here.

Arkhe - Hungertornet

Dark vibrations from southern Sweden off the band's new 7", out now via .

Lust for Youth comes to Sacred Bones

It looks like Lust for Youth's album "Growing seeds", originally released on the Iceage-related imprint, will be getting a US repress via . Official release date: November 14
FWIW, I like synthpop and goth music, but I don't like this band at all. Comparisons to early Cold Cave are apt I suppose.

Turist i tillvaron vol 5 tracklist

The tracklist for volume 5 of Mikael Sörling's much-heralded punk/hardcore compilation series "Turist i tillvaron" is now confirmed: http://www.sirling.blogspot.se/2012/09/latordning-vol-5.html
Expect a November/December release.

Damage LP coming via Gaphals

Coming October 1 via , "Weapons of mass destruction" -- the debut "full-length" (uh, 10 songs in 14 minutes?) from Swedish thrashers Damage. Pre-order info at Bandcamp.

Get down with the Cult of Randy

Due out September 10, the new Randy Barracuda LP "Random works of Randy Barracuda Vol. II".