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The Late Call - Pale morning light (preview video)

A quick preview of The Late Call's forthcoming album "Pale morning light", produced by John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening, Hearts No Static, etc.) and also featuring Ylva Ceder and Patric Thorman (Tvärvägen). The video for the first single "Look At You Now" will be up soon with the actual album to follow on September 14 via .

Hearts No Static update

Swedish ambient/postrock act Hearts No Static has gone through a bit of a personnel shuffle recently -- drummer Jens Pettersson has left the band, so John Roger Olsson (also in The Grand Opening) has put down his six-string and picked up the sticks and brought in his friend Mikko Singh (Haleiwa) as their new guitarist. The new lineup is now working on basic tracks for the band's sophomore album and hopes to have it out by the end of the year.

Top 10s for 2011: John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening/Hearts No Static/Will Gambola Sing)

New Haleiwa album in the works

Haleiwa (nee Mikko Singh) is back in the studio working on his next album, with 3 tunes in the can and an eye on a summer 2012 release. Stay tuned! In related news, Mikko's other band Will Gambola Sing (which also features members from The Grand Opening) will begin recording something new in December.

Christian Kjellvander on tour

Updated live dates for Christian Kjellvander who will be touring as a duo:

10/16 - Roepaen, Ottersum (NL)
10/17 - Café de Stier, Eibergen (NL)
10/17 - Coffee & Music (afternoon show), Utrecht (NL)
10/18 - Q-bus, Leiden (NL)
10/19 - Exil, Rotterdam (NL)
10/20 - Zentrale, Hamburg, Germany
10/21 - Nacht der schwedischen Singer/Songwriter @ Kolibri, Sylt (GER) w/The Grand Opening, The Late Call
10/22 - Nacht der Gix, Elmshorn (GER) w/The Grand Opening, The Late Call
10/23 - Seminarturnhalle, Stade (GER) w/The Grand Opening, The Late Call
10/23 - Fachwerk (afternoon show), Münster (GER)
10/24 - Sing Sing, Hannover (GER)

John Roger Olsson/The Grand Opening solo tour in October

John Roger Olsson will be embarking on his first-ever solo tour as The Grand Opening this coming October, offering audiences the rare opportunity to see him perform unaccompanied:

10/21 - Nacht der schwedischen Songwriter, Sylt (GER) w/Christian Kjellvander, The Late Call
10/22 - Nacht der Gix, Elmshorn (GER) w/Christian Kjellvander, The Late Call
10/23 - Seminarturnhalle, Stade (GER) w/Christian Kjellvander, The Late Call
10/24 - Subrosa, Dortmund (GER)
10/25 - Brückenkopf, Hanau (GER)
10/26 - Verve, Bielefeld (GER)
10/27 - Mudd Club, Strasbourg (FRA)
10/28 - Café Camera, München (GER)
10/29 - Peng, Mainz (GER)

The Grand Opening back to Germany

The Grand Opening will be going abroad to Germany for a few dates:

08/20 - Boot Boo Hook Festival, Hannover (GER)w/Junip, Wire, more
10/21 - Nacht der schwedischen Songwriter, Sylt (GER) w/Christian Kjellvander, The Late Call
10/22 - Nacht der Gix, Elmshorn (GER) w/Christian Kjellvander, The Late Call

The Grand Opening in Germany

The Grand Opening is heading out on the road later this week to do a run of shows in Germany with support to be provided by Folke aka Torbjörn Zetterberg on many of the dates:

02/18 - Schnürschuh Theater, Bremen (GER)
02/19 - Raststätte, Aachen (GER) w/Folke
02/20 - Jubez, Karlsruhe (GER) w/Folke
02/21 - Südstadt, Munchen (GER) w/Folke
02/22 - Mata Hari Bar, Nürnberg (GER) w/Folke
02/23 - Detektor FM (Radio Show), Leipzig (GER)
02/24 - Crystal Club, Berlin (GER)
02/25 - Ostpol, Dresden (GER) w/Folke
02/26 - AJZ Chemnitz, Chemnitz (GER)

Top 10s for 2010

It's December so that means it's time once again for our annual top 10 lists! First up: John Roger Olsson of The Grand Opening/Hearts No Static/Will Gambola Sing
There's still a few slots available should any readers, in the music biz or otherwise, care to contribute -- simply get in touch and we'll work out the details.

Top tens for 2010: John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening/Hearts No Static/Will Gambola Sing)

The Grand Opening - Be steady

are offering a free download of The Grand Opening's excellent new single "Be steady":

The Grand Opening - Be steady (video)

"Be steady" is the first single from The Grand Opening's forthcoming album "In the midst of your drama", due out November 8 via . As always, highly recommended for anyone into Swedish melancholia. And also, huge GRATTIS till TGO frontman John Roger Olsson for becoming a father!

Linus Larsson and John Roger Olsson album to finally see release

This has been a loooong time coming: famed engineer/producer Linus Larsson (Peter Bjorn and John, Tobias Fröberg, Theresa Andersson etc.) and artist John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening, Hearts No Static) recorded the album "Leve hogrän" together back in the fall of 2007 and it will now finally be released as a digital download via on October 11. I posted a track back when I first heard it and can definitely say that it is highly recommended. Read more:

Will Gambola Sing is here

Will Gambola Sing

Now in stock and ready to order, the self-titled debut full-length CD from Will Gambola Sing! So says the one-sheet:

Emerged from the musical melting pot of Northern Europe, Will Gambola Sing, an instrumental pop/rock quartet from Sweden, seems to have achieved what they set out to achieve. Three years after the acclaimed debut with "Overheard Dialogue Reconstructed EP," WGS has finally perfected their sound that is surely enough to stand out from the scene. With an ensemble of two beautiful guitars, the elastic yet soft sounding rhythm section, just the right amount of keyboards, and memorable electronic bits, this self-titled first album was carefully woven by their sincere hands.
There's no tricks, no gimmicks, just plain beauty coming out from their simple, straightforward approach to music. Some may recall the epic works of great pioneers such as Tortoise, Tristeza, The Album Leaf, 33.3, and Unwed Sailor; for this album somehow brings back the best earliest days of post-rock. True, it does hold the same kind of never fading brilliance as all the authentic masterpieces have. Just like your favorite records of all time, this is something you could play on repeat, like forever.

Yup, that about sums it up! Fine quality Swedish post-rock from a group of dudes who also do time with acts such as The Grand Opening, Haleiwa, The Tarantula Waltz, Ohm and probably a few others. I'll sell you a copy of this Japanese import (w/obi strip!) for $14 cheap because I like you; preview here. Email to buy and don't forget to check out the rest of my distro list before you do. Expect an mp3 to be posted once I figure out a track to highlight.

The Grand Opening in mixing mode

The Grand Opening report that their new album, their 3rd overall, is 98% finished and is currently being mixed by Christoffer Roth.