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MP3: Necronaut - Soulside serpents

Kinda odd to hear Swedish death metal with straight-up melodic vocals (courtesy of Janne "J.B." Christofferson from Grand Magus), but hey -- when you're scene royalty like Fred Estby, you get to do whatever you want on your solo album. Doesn't hurt that both Roberts from Dundertåget/Thunder Express (that would be Pehrsson and Dahlqvist) contribute leads either. As one would expect, Necronaut's self-titled debut is a mixed bag based on the various gueststar's talents, but the overall result is pretty darn good as far as vanity projects go. It's a fun and enjoyable listen and that's enough. The small surprises like "Soulside serpents" elevate it above Death Breath-level mediocrity.

Necronaut - Soulside serpents

Thunder Express live in Italy

Thunder Express (or is it Dundertåget?) will be heading to Italy in April:

04/09 - tba, Milano
04/10 - Retro Pop - c/o Barrumba, Pinarella Di Cervia (RA)
04/11 - RockaRolla Festival -c/o Taurus, Torino
04/12 - La Skaletta, La Spezia

The new album from Dundertåget (Thunder Express på Svenska) is done and confirmed for release in February.

Check out Dundertåget, the Swedish language version of hard-rock act Thunder Express:
The band's debut album "Skaffa ny frisyr" will be out in February via Razzia Records.

Recent Razzia Records signees I Are Droid will release their debut album "I are debut" on June 11. Stream the whole thing at myspace:
The band features ex-Lowrider frontman Peder Bergstrand plus Konie Ehrencrona (bass/synth, Konie, Don't Be A Stranger), Jens Lagergren (bass, Thunder Express, Hello Saferide) and Fredrik Bergström (drums).

Razzia Records is putting out a compilation on June 18 entitled "There's a Razzia thing going on" which feature various highlights of their excellent catalog. Here's the tracklist:

01. Hello Saferide - I was definitely made for these times
02. Adiam Dymott - Memory loss
03. Konie - My Life Is Shit But I Am Funky (remix)
04. I Are Droid - Blood & Ether
05. Firefox AK vs Laid - Once I was like you
06. Maia Hirasawa - Melody
07. Tripoli - Walk on
08. Säkert! - Det var tre månader sedan idag
09. They Live By Night - Meaningless repair
10. Timo Räisänen - Spill your beans
11. Svenska Kürkan - Besatt
12. The Plan - Stay Awhile
13. Jonna Lee - I wrote this song
14. Mange Schmidt feat. Thomas Rusiak & Eye N I - Håll käften del 2
15. Thunder Express - Switch
16. Tellevika feat. Firefox AK - Eric
17. Ebbot Lundberg & Mattias Bärjed - Coming down cold

Updated Spanish tourdates for Swedish rockers Thunder Express:

02/22 - Sala La Boite, Madrid
02/23 - Sala Stereo, Alicante
02/24 - Sala Four Seasons, Castellón
02/25 - Sala Porta Caeli, Valladolid
02/26 - Sala La Universidad, Ponferrada
02/27 - Antzoki, Bilbao
02/28 - Gazteszena, Donostia
02/29 - Savoy Club, Gijón

Top 10s for 2007: Martina & Daniel Ledinsky (Razzia Records)

Thunder Express on tour in Spain:

02/23 - Alicante, Alicante
02/24 - Castellón, Castellón
02/27 - Madrid, Madrid
02/28 - Bilbao, Vizcaya
02/29 - Gijon, Asturias

In case you were wondering, here's the live lineup for Death Breath's upcoming Swedish tour: Scott Carlson (Repulsion) - vocals/bass; Robert Pehrsson (Thunder Express) - vocals/guitar; Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters, ex-Entombed) - drums; Erik Wallin (Harms Way, Merciless) - guitar; Jörgen Sandström (ex-Grave/Entombed) - vocals.

Thunder Express - Republic disgraceThunder Express
Republic disgrace
Razzia Records


Rock n' Roll is a tradition. Many follow it. Few make it to the end. Thunder Express, despite their desire to conquer the great frontier, apparently by laying tracks as quickly and easily as possible, have derailed somewhere between the mid-seventies and early eighties. Some bands are able to thrive on their own sound, stick to it consistently, and modernize it to achieve an acceptable standard. However, on "Republic disgrace" (appropriately), the concept of a solid sound seems to have been left back at the station. This record meanders through territory conquered and well scouted by the New York Dolls, Rolling Stones, and then into some weird mish-mash of rock ballads and Led Zeppelin rip-offs. While their 70's grooves can be fun and catchy at times, as tourists on the rock music trail, Thunder Express has gone for the cheap souvenirs, cheesy postcards, and crowded museums. It is an excursion that would well have benefited from a venture off the beaten path.
- Paul Bredenberg

Thunder Express has recorded a cover of "I can feel the fire" by Ron Wood for use an upcoming split with The Sewergrooves to be released via Basque Label Bloodyhotzak. Listen at myspace:

MP3: Thunder Express - Vegas

It's more back-to-basics rock'n'roll today courtesy of Thunder Express, the band led by Hellacopters guitarist Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist. It's not a big departure from the 'Copters big-guitar sound. Perhaps a little less arena-rock? More New York Dolls than Journey. There's still plenty of triumphant guitar riffs, but they're more at home in a seedy bar than in some cavernous coliseum. Which is not to say that I'm dissing the Hellacopters either! Many folks get down on their increasingly polished sound, but I'm totally okay with it.
Anyhow, Thunder Express' new record "Republic disgrace" is chock-full of solid tracks and "Vegas" is one of the standouts in my mind with it's simple, effective chorus. The shakers give it a little extra boogie-woogie and there's some sweet slide-guitar leads as well. Like I said, totally solid.

Thunder Express - Vegas

The playlist for my radio show on Sirius this week:

01. Beyond Dawn - Far from showbiz
02. TALK 1
03. Superfamily - The radio has expressed concerns about what you did last night
04. The Fine Arts Showcase - Dance with your shadow
05. Pan Sonic - Hinaaja / Tugboat
06. TALK 2
07. Mixtapes & Cellmates - Hold
08. The Bear Quartet - I don't wanna
09. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - When she's GONE
10. TALK 3
11. Laakso - High drama
12. Park Hotell - The guest who stayed forever
13. Fun - Hold it close
14. TALK 4
15. The Book of Daniel - Rabbit boy
16. Watain - Storm of the Antichrist
17. Viktor Sjöberg - w/Nothing
18. Kristofer Åström - Fallen
19. TALK 5
20. Mainliners - Olivia
21. Oddjob - Kings are walking out
22. Lemonator - Heart burns
23. TALK 6
24. Tobias Hellkvist - Slowly but surely
25. Attrap - Just a word away
26. Sahara Hotnights - Visit to Vienna
27. TALK 7
28. The Leather Nun - No rule
29. Alog - Son of king
30. Thunder Express - Vegas
31. TALK 8
32. Closer - Sensing the wake

The video for the new Thunder Express single "New York gold" is now online: