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Abandon - The dead end (live video)

Doomsday has live video of Abandon's one-time performance of "The dead end" this past weekend:

Abandon to perform "The dead end"

Swedish doom act Abandon will reunite for one night only to perform their posthumously-released masterpiece "The dead end" in its 100+ minute entirety with friend Ufuk Demir (of the similarly-minded/also-awesome Walk Through Fire) filling in on lead vocals for passed away vocalist Johan Carlzon. It all goes down August 25 at Pustervik in Göteborg and will correspond with the long-awaited 3xLP release of said album from .

MP3: Walk Through Fire - Furthest from heaven

I was originally planning to discuss summer music this week, but it seems a bit inappropriate considering recent circumstances, not to mention the fact that, despite what the calendar says, it doesn't really even feel like summer here anyway. As the clouds build outside, it doesn't really look like it either. Instead, I bring you something new from Walk Through Fire, one the absolute most devastating doom acts I've heard since Abandon. Which makes perfect sense, since the two are related in some way. Anyhow, if you're looking to envelop yourself in the sounds of pure, soul-crushing darkness, look no further. Put this on, turn it up LOUD and be prepared to get fucking bummed.
Listen to the rest of the band's new record at Bandcamp:

Walk Through Fire - Furthest from heaven

Presenting: Walk Through Fire

Ex-Abandon members continue where they left off, creating some of the most punishing doom Sweden has to offer:

Abandon - The dead endAbandon
The dead end
Black Star Foundation/Discouraged Records


Abandon have always had an air of grace about them that belies their sludgy roots and perhaps that's down to the integral part that Mehdi Vafaei's pump organ plays in laying the foundation on which the band's music is constructed. Whether it's pushed to the forefront of the music, as in "There is no escape" or "The dead en", or looming with menace behind guitar-driven tracks such as "Lost we are" or "It's all gone", it's difficult to imagine Abandon having an impact as sinister as they do without. That's not to say they would lack appeal without it. The Göteborg doom crew have always done a sterling job in constructing some of the most crushing and heavy gut-churners out there and they know their craft like seasoned professionals. On "The dead end" they once again prove that they can write songs capable of tearing the very souls from those who embark on a listening experience and they achieve that not only by utilizing the sheer power behind their collective instrumentation, but by knowing when to drop an all-out aural depth charge and when to recede back into the darkness to create an eerie, transcendental mood that's almost hypnotic. Vocalist Johan Carlzon sadly passed away before this album met its awaiting public, but some sort of comfort can be taken in knowing that this was, without doubt, the finest performance the man has given in a complete body of work that comprises nothing but exceptional output. The fact that he had, unlike many vocalists, the intelligence to use his talent sparingly, only when the music really required his presence, served to heighten the impact he had on Abandon's music and showcased not only a creative genius but also a certain modesty. A unique and essential memorial.
- John Norby

Manifest 2010 winners

Here are the winners of the 2010 Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative Grammy:

Punk/Hardcore: Troublemakers - Made in Sweden ()
Dance: Samuel L Session - The man with the case ()
Jazz: The Opposite - Intertwined ()
Dansband: Blender - Välkommen in ()
Rhythm: Jaqee - Kokoo Girl ()
Composer: Lisa Nordström and Lisen Rylander Löve (Midaircondo)
Lyrics: Ken Ring
Rock: Makeouts - In A Strange Land ()
Pop: El Perro Del Mar - Love Is Not Pop ()
Hårdrock/Metal: Abandon - The Dead End ()
Synth: Arvid - Andetag ()
Singer/songwriter: Kristofer Åström And The Rainaways - Sinkadus ()
Folk/ballad: Tore Berger - I huset långt på landet ()
Hip-hop: Mohammed Ali - Processen ()
Best poplabel:
Best live: Fever Ray ()
Best unsigned: Fulmakten

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Manifestgalen 2010 nominees are go

The nominees for the 2010 Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative Grammy, have been announced:

En Svensk Tiger - Versace style ()
Troublemakers - Made in Sweden ()
Tysta Mari - Sveriges Casino ()
The Clichés - Monkey see, monkey do ()

Minilogue - Samlad årsproduktion
Samuel L Session - The man with the case ()
The Field - Yesterday and Today ()
Tomas Andersson - Stiff Disco ()

Bengt Berger - Beches Brew ()
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet - The Half Naked Truth 1998-2008 ()
The Opposite - Intertwined ()
Plunge With Bobo Stenson - Origo ()

Calle Real - Me Lo Gané ()
Jaqee - Kokoo Girl ()
Music is the weapon - Music is the weapon ()
Syster Sol - Dömd att bli bedömd ()

Florence Valentin - Spring Ricco ()
Makeouts - In A Strange Land ()
Murder by guitar - Murder by guitar ()
Skriet - Skriet ()

Anna Järvinen - Man var bland molnen ()
El Perro Del Mar - Love Is Not Pop ()
JJ - JJ n° 2 ()
Jonathan Johansson - En hand i himlen ()

Abandon - The Dead End ()
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom ()
Katatonia - Night Is The New Day ()
Tribulation - The Horror ()

Arvid - Andetag ()
Dupont - Entering The Ice Age ()
Emmon - Closet Wanderings ()
Rupesh Cartel - Anchor Baby ()

Ane Brun - Live at Stockholm Concert Hall ()
David Åhlen - We Sprout In Thy Soil ()
Jonna Lee - This Is Jonna Lee ()
Kristofer Åström And The Rainaways - Sinkadus ()

Taken By Trees - East of Eden ()
Miriam Aida - Letras au Brasil ()
Tore Berger - I huset långt på landet ()
Esbjörn Hazelius - Blunda och du ska få se ()

Mohammed Ali - Processen ()
Organismen - Om Gud vill och vädret tillåter ()
Promoe - Kråksången ()
Stor - Nya skolans ledare ()

Best live:
Frida Hyvönen ()
Jenny Wilson ()
Fever Ray ()
Florence Valentin ()

Best unsigned:
Den Svenska Björnstammen
Extended Heads

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Sirius playlist week #43

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU, a special pre-Halloween edition:

01. TALK 1
02. Switchblade - 1815
03. TALK 2
04. Abandon - In reality suffer
05. Raison d'Etre - Metamorphyses phase III
06. TALK 3
07. Notre Dame - Le theatre du vampire
08. Mercyful Fate - Desecration of souls
09. Cortex - Warrior night
10. TALK 4
11. Immortal - All shall fail

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Sirius playlist week #39

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Joensuu 1685 - I'm on fire
02. TALK 1
03. Boy Omega - Dinosaur drugs
04. Katatonia - Forsaker
05. Moloken - Die fear will
06. TALK 2
07. Rising - Dead kings
08. The Cardigans - Erase/rewind
09. The Amazing - Dragon
10. TALK 3
11. The First Miles - Black heart
12. [ingenting] - Medan vi sov
13. Skriet - Kärlekens land
14. TALK 4
15. Abandon - It's all gone

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MP3: Moloken - Die fear will

Along with The Amazing's self-titled debut (discussed briefly here), my pick for September's album(s) of the month would have to go to Moloken's "Our astral circle". Yes, [ingenting]'s new record is also brilliant and well-deserving of praise and Abandon's "The dead end" is likewise incredibly powerful, but I've listened to Moloken a heckuva lot more often that anything else. Now if you remember, I wasn't that impressed with the band's epic debut EP, but it did show promise and on this new effort they have delivered in full. Once again, the band sound is rooted in heavy, dark hardcore ala "Souls at zero"-era Neurosis, especially considering the prominent bass presence, but they're also not afraid to go full-on metal when necessary. They're also unafraid to show off their chops either, as you'll hear on the song I've posted today. Some of their flair is subtle, but any musician should recognize that this rhythm section is a monster and that those long instrumental passages kick serious ass. Kinda like Tool minus the pretentious restraint, I'd say. And with better songs too, though that's not saying much considering Tool has always been way more about craft and mood than catchy riffs. Anyhow, this is a great release with broad appeal to all fans of heavy music, whether it be crust, doom or whatever. I hope other metal fans take note.

Moloken - Die fear will

MP3: Abandon - Pitch black hole

Regardless of whether or not you are aware of frontman Johan Carlzon personal life issues or the circumstances of his all-too-early death, I think that his contributions to Abandon's posthumous double-disc album "The dead end" speak for themselves. His performance, his lyrics and his paintings are a reflection of misery, an outpouring of extreme darkness and pain. His anguish is fully tangible, visceral. When so much music barely aspires beyond "let's not be bored," Abandon transcends into art through purity and force of expression. It is not easy listening by any means, but it is powerful and necessary. Johan will be missed, but not forgotten.

Abandon - Pitch black hole

Black Star Foundation confirms two new releases

Black Star Foundation has confirmed a September 28 release date for Jesaiah's debut record "Et tu, hope" as well as Abandon's "The dead end". Both records will also be available in Europe on October 9 via Cargo distribution and in the UK on November 18 via Plastic Head.

Black Star Foundation now distributed by Sound Pollution

Malmö-based indie/hardcore label Black Star Foundation (Holmes, Pg.Lost) has signed on with Sound Pollution as their new distributor. Look for new albums from both Abandon ("The dead end" 2CD) and Jesaiah ("Et tu hope") soon.

RIP Johan Carlzon

RIP Johan Carlzon, vocalist for Abandon:

New music from Abandon

Swedish crusties Abandon have three new tracks streaming at myspace: