Wasted Sounds will be reissuing Final Exit's discography on vinyl. The legendary Umeå-based straight-edge band included both Dennis Lyxzen and David Sandström pre-Refused and will be performing a one-off reunion show at this year's Umeå Open. In other Wasted Sounds news, the label will be sending off new LPs from Knugen Faller, Blinds and Asta Kask to get pressed in the next week or so. For preorder info and tons of tourdates for all Wasted Sounds-affiliated acts, go to their website: http://www.wastedsounds.com/

The winners of this year's Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative to the Grammis:

Hip-hop/R&B/soul: Ison & fille
Pop/rock: The Radio Dept.
Hard-rock/punk: Asta Kask
Folk/worldmusic: Ranarim
Singer/songwriter: Andreas Mattsson
Dance/house/techno: The Knife
Best newcomer: Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boylife
Digfipriset (best unsigned artist): The Wonderful Guinea Pigs
Postrock/electronica: Ebb
Jazz: Lennart Åberg with Peter Erskine - "Free Spirit"
Best live artist: The Knife

Read more: http://www.manifestgalan.se/125.aspx

Besides doing quite a few Scandinavian dates later this month and in March, Asta Kask will also be going abroad to Germany in April: http://www.astakask.com/

The nominees for the 2007 Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative to the Grammy:

Up Hygh! - Venus - The Album (Raw Fusion/Border)
Ison & Fille - Stolthet (Hemmalaget/V2/BAM)
Supersci - Pinetrees On The Pavement (Flyphonic/Lights Out/Border)
Lazee - It Is What It Is (Skrilla Music)
Promoe - The White Mans Burden (Burning Heart/BAM)
Covenant - Skyshaper (Subspace Communications/Playground Music)
Ebb - Loona (Gaymonkey Records/Border)
FAP - Malekasino Dondolo (Stupid Dream Records/Musicspot)
System - Sample And Hold (Progress Productions/Border)
The Idealist - I Am The Fire (AA/Nosordo/dotshop.se)
The Radio Dept. - Pet grief (Labrador/Border)
Nicolas Makelberge - Dying in Africa (*Rico/Border)
Fibes, Oh Fibes! - Emotional (Pluxemburg/Playground Music)
The Concretes - In Colour (Licking Fingers/Playground Music)
Ebba Forsberg - Ebba Forsberg (EBOTH Production/BAM)
My Engström Renman - Abdominous (Footprint Records/CDA)
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet - Son of a Drummer (Moserobie/BAM)
Oddjob – Luma (Amigo/BAM)
Oskar Schönning - Happy Jazz, Please (Amigo/BAM)
Lennart Åberg with Peter Erskine - Free Spirit (Amigo/BAM)
Andreas Mattsson - The Lawlessness Of The Ruling Classes (Hybris/Playground Music)
Britta Persson - Top Quality Bones And A Little Terrorist (Amigo/BAM)
The Lancaster Orchestra - Never Cried Once When I Could Have (Rootsy.nu/Border)
Loney, Dear - Sologne (Dear John Recordings/Dotshop.se)
Nina Ramsby & Martin Hederos - Jazzen (Amigo/BAM)
The Knife - Silent Shout (Rabid Records/Border)
Unai - A Love Moderne (Force Tracks/Intergroove)
Dibaba - samlad produktion 2006 (Plong!/Kompakt mfl)
Pluxus - Solid State (Pluxemburg/Playground Music)
The Studio - West Coast (Information/Border)
In Flames - Come Clarity (Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution)
Fingerspitzengefühl - Happy Doomsday (Kooljunk Communications/CDA)
Asta Kask - En För Alla Ingen För Nån (Burning Heart/BAM)
Wolverine - Still (Candlelight Records/Sound Pollution)
Memfis - The Wind-Up (Dental Records/TMC Nordic)
Bosse Skoglund – Groovesopor (Rub-a-dub Records/Border)
Göran Månsson - Mon (Nordic Tunes/CDA)
Bebo Valdés – Bebo (Calle 54/BMG Dist)
Lena Willemark - Älvdalens elektriska (Amigo/BAM)
Ranarim - Morgonstjärna (Drone/CDA)
Best live act:
The Radio Dept.
The Knife
The Je Ne Sais Quoi
Best newcomer:
Vapnet - Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar (Hybris/Playground)
Britta Persson - Top Quality Bones And A Little Terrorist (Amigo/BAM)
The Kid - La Société Nouvelle (Hybris/Playground)
Loney, Dear - Sologne (Dear John Recordings/Dotshop.se)
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boylife (La Vida Locash/dotshop.se)
Best unsigned act (Digfi Prize):
The Wonderful Guinea Pigs (Linköping)
Denver Mod (Jönköping)
The Open Up And Bleeds (Stockholm)
Trucker Cleavage (Stockholm)
Ikons (Göteborg)

Asta Kask's new video for the song "Vill inte va med" is now online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW-5_dV3wUs

Read all about Swedish punks Asta Kask and their recent trip to Japan: http://astainjapan.blogspot.com/

Asta Kask is embroiled in a large legal dispute over the use of their name: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=26589820&blogID=173598251
In case you were wondering, XXX is Jan Dahlbom. Despite threats of legal action by Jan and his label Rosa Honung, Burning Heart plans to release the new album "En för alla, ingen för nån" and DVD "Dom får aldrig mig" on November 15.

Check out the cover art for the new Asta Kask album "En för alla ingen för nån", due out later this year: http://astakask.com/

Swedish punks Asta Kask will tour Japan in November:

11/02 - Tokyo
11/03 - Nagoya
11/04 - Osaka
11/05 - Hiroshima
11/07 - Tokyo

The new Asta Kask single "Precis som far" is now streaming on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/astakask

Old-school Swedish punks Asta Kask have posted the cover art for their new album and 7" on their website: http://astakask.com/

Burning Heart has posted the details for the upcoming Asta Kask reissues and DVD release: http://www.burningheart.com/news/article.php?id=372

Curious as to what the guys from Millencolin are up to? Check it:

Nikola has just entered the studio in Gothenburg for a recording of a new solo album. Mathias is in our Sound Lab Studios producing the legendary Swedish punk band Asta Kask's new album! Mathias has also recorded some stuff with a side project of his called Franky Lee. Larzon has also recorded new stuff with his crust band Kvoteringen. Erik is doing some various artwork and photography and hanging out with his dog Colin. The Kingwood World tour will end in August with some summer festivals! After this summer the writing process of a new album starts! (Hopefully also the making of the new DVD!)

Legendary Swedish punk act Asta Kask is back and has signed with Burning Heart. Read more: http://www.burningheart.com/news/article.php?id=346

Photo: Henrik has updated with new live pics from Asta Kask, CDOASS, Paris and Sophie Rimheden: http://www.photohenrik.com/