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Blessings now streaming

Blessings' debut cassette release "Bittervatten" now available for streaming via Bandcamp, minus one tune. If you dig dark + heavy hardcore, check this out!

Bittervatten side B preview

Blessings' upcoming cassette release has finally been sent off for mastering and duplication so they've posted the full b-side for our listening pleasure:

Serene Record pitching in for Blessings

, the same folks who did the recent Breach reissue, will be co-releasing the upcoming Blessings tape along side the band's own label.

More Blessings

Blessings have swapped out a couple tunes on their Soundcloud page, offering up a couple new song samples off their forthcoming cassette release:

Blessings Bittervatten CS preview

As promised, new music from Swedish hardcore/doom act Blessings. I recommend starting with "Second blessings", but both tunes are solid.

The true Blessings

Coming very soon, new music from Blessings -- an excellent new-ish hardcore/doom project featuring members from Dead Vows/Scraps of Tape/Chester Copperpot/more: