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Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Friday Bridge - Dark heart (feat. Nicolas Makelberge)

Swedish electropop artist Friday Bridge has a new single collaboration with Nicolas Makelberge, now available for free download.

Interview: Johan Agebjörn

Interview: Johan Agebjörn

Friday Bridge remix competition

But is it Art? will be releasing a Friday Bridge remix album in late January called "Do you know how to spend it?" and are looking for a couple more tracks so they're holding a contest to see who can come up with the best version of "Horror of horrors". Go here for the full details and to grab the files:

Friday Bridge - Tourner la page

The new Friday Bridge single "Tourner la page" is being offered as a free download:

Friday Bridge - Shanghai shipping

Friday Bridge's new single "Shanghai shipping" is now posted as a free download:

Swedish indiepop artist Friday Bridge has a new website:
Her new album "Bite my tongue" will be out February 11 via But is it Art? with the first single "Shanghai shipping" being released as a free download soon.

But Is It Art? is offering up a special Halloween version of the Friday Bridge song "Horror of horrors" for free download:
The original of said track will appear on the forthcoming album "Bite my tongue", due out February 4, 2009.

Ylva Lindberg and Niklas Gustafsson of This Year's Model have once again collaborated with fellow Swedish indie artist Friday Bridge on a new album called "Bite my tongue" which will be released next year.

Buffet Libre's 80s Rewind Project featuring a wide variety of bands covering their fave 80s classics is now online for perusal:
Swedish artists include Friday Bridge, Lucknow Pact, Social Services, We Are Soldiers We Have Guns, Band In Box, Adventure Kid and more.

The lineup for this year's NYC Popfest is now 100% confirmed and the Scandinavian artists playing are Cats on Fire, Friday Bridge, Love Is All and Oh! Custer. More info:

Finnish indiepop act Cats On Fire will travel to NYC for the NYC Popfest in June:
Other confirmed Scandinavian acts include Friday Bridge, Oh! Custer and Love Is All.

Friday Bridge is collaborating with Labrador artists The Sound of Arrows on their new album, due out in August. Friday Bridge will also be contributing the track "It girl" to volume two edition of the "Digital penetration" compilation series being put out by UK-based label Alt Delete Records. Other Scandinavians on said comp include Slagsmålsklubben and Ungdomskulen and you can get more details at myspace:

But Is It Art? has posted a new Friday Bridge remix by Dutch Rubbah for free download:

The nominees for the Swedish Radio P3 Guld awards have been announced:

Anna Järvinen - Jag fick feeling
Friday Bridge - Intricacy
Jens Lekman - Night falls over Kortedala
Sambassadeur - Migration
Taken By Trees - Open Field

Aril Brikha - Ex machina
Axwell - collected work
Minilogue - collected work
The Field - From here we go sublime
Tiger Stripes - collected work

Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant
Dark Tranquility - Fiction
Kongh - Counting heartbeats
Marduk - Rom 5:12
Mustasch - Latest version of the truth

Petter - God damn it
Ken - Äntligen hemma
Adam Tensta - It's a Tensta Thing
Million stylez - From A Far
Basutbudet - Svensk bas

Adam Tensta
Maia Hirasawa
Million Stylez
Those Dancing Days

Female artist:
Laleh - Prinsessor
Maia Hirasawa - Though, I'm Just Me
Miss Li - God Put A Rainbow In The Sky
September - Dancing Shoes
Säkert! - Säkert!

Male artist:
Danny - Heart. Beats.
Jens Lekman - Night falls over Kortedala
Lars Winnerbäck - Daugava
Mange Schmidt - Känslan kommer tillbaks
Salem Al Fakir - This Is Who I Am

Kent - Tillbaka till samtiden
Mando Diao - Never Seen The Light Of Day
Sahara Hotnights - What If Leaving Is A Loving Thing
Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills
The Ark - Prayer For The Weekend

Kleerup with Robyn - With Every Heartbeat
Mange Schmidt feat. Petter - Giftig
Oh Laura - Release Me
Sahara Hotnights - Cheek To Cheek
Säkert! - Vi kommer att dö samtidigt

Guldmicken (live):
Salem Al Fakir
Timo Räisänen

More info:

Friday Bridge - IntricacyFriday Bridge
But Is It Art?


"Manners and Mannerisms" is the subtitle of Friday Bridge's myspace page and indeed, a lot of conceptualism and personal aesthetics define her debut album "Intricacy". Singing in French and English, Ylva Lindberg's soprano hovers over 80's synth strings and drums while harpsichords and flutes dance minuets in the background. The Swedish press finds that "incredibly elegant" (P3Pop), but to me, the record lacks overall substance. A few standout tracks prove Ylva's talent for writing very catchy pop songs (current single "Love and nostalgia", or the older "It girl" for example) while others really showcase the potential of doing baroque arrangements of modern pop. Still, it's not that she's not clever (she rhymes give away with Jean Genet) or that I don't enjoy music that focuses foremost on similar 80's-esque aesthetics (such as The Embassy or Nicolas Makelberge). I just feel that, minus the standard-issue synth pop songs, this album would have been a great collection of cleverly-arranged catchy and timeless pop.
- Arnulf Köhncke