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Gamla Pengar - Här är ditt liv

From Gamla Pengar's upcoming 7" "Vackra land som ingenting gav", due out May 1 via .

Clubnight show review

Festivalrykten has a review of Friday's Clubnight show with Vånna Inget, Gamla Pengar and EL-SD: (in Swedish)

It's a Trap! Clubnights 3/16: Vånna Inget + EL-SD + Gamla Pengar

Friday! Gamla Pengar + EL-SD + Vånna Inget at Debaser Malmö! Be there! The FB evite:

Gamla Pengar - Dödansardag (video)

New stuff from Gamla Pengar and definitely recommended.

Gamla Pengar EP preview

Speaking of Gamla Pengar, it appears that the band's new 7" EP "Stekt orm" is currently streaming in full over at SoundCloud. Recommended!

It's a Trap! Clubnights 2012 update

I am thrilled to announce that in addition to the previously announced It's a Trap! Clubnights gigs with We Are the Storm/Helsinki Poetry (this Friday! holy shit!) and Caotico (April 13!), we will be welcoming Millencolin/The Peepshows indierock sideproject Franky Lee plus Tiger Bell to the stage of Debaser Malmö on February 17. And that's not all: we've also got Vånna Inget, EL-SD and Gamla Pengar coming down on March 16 and you know that one is gonna rule! Wish I could be there personally, but hey, maybe I'll make it over this coming summer.

Turist i tillvaron vol. 4 lineup confirmed

Artists are now confirmed for volume 4 of Mikael Sörling's Swedish punk comp "Turist i tillvaron":
A few of the names you may recognize: Makabert Fynd, Burning Kitchen, Asta Kask, Crash Nomada, Gamla Pengar and Desperat.