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Wolves Like Us sign with Prosthetic

Wolves Like Us, the new Norwegian hardcore band featuring ex-members from Amulet, JR Ewing and Infidels Forever, has officially signed with . The band's full-length debut "Late love" is currently being recorded and will be out in early summer.

New 7" coming soon from Wolves Like Us

Norwegian post-hardcore act Wolves Like Us have a new 7" coming out on November 22 via :
The band features ex-members from Infidels Forever, Amulet, JR Ewing, etc. and can be previewed here:

Kvelertak gets release date, preview posted

Norwegian hardcore act Kvelertak will officially release their self-titled debut on June 21. Said record was recorded with Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studios in Salem, MA and features guest appearances by Hoest(Taake), Andreas Tylden (JR Ewing, Altaar), Ivar Nikolaisen (Silver) and Ryan McKenney (Trap Them). Hear the latter on "Offernatt" at myspace:

More from By:Larm: Lars Christian Olsen recommends

Festival report: By:Larm 2010 (day 1)

MIC Norway talks to Montée

MIC Norway interviews Montée, a pop act co-founded by Erlend Mokkelbost (Jr Ewing, Killl):

Upstart Norwegian melodic hardcore act Merlin is giving away 3 tracks:
Worth checking out if you dig heavy, angular rock in the vein of JR Ewing.

Norwegian act Animal Alpha has confirmed that their new album "You pay for the whole seat but you'll only need the edge" will be released on January 28. Said album was recorded live at Propeller Studio in Oslo with producer Mike Hartung (JR Ewing, Skambankt, Marit Larsen, etc.).

Eardrums on Norwegian act Montée, a new band that features members from JR Ewing, Furia and more:

The new album from Icelandic experimental hardcore act Minus "The great northern whalekill" was just released this week and you can hear a whole bunch of tracks on myspace:
Doesn't initially sound as genre-pushing as some of their earlier stuff, but still dece. A bit like the last JR Ewing maybe, but more out-there.

Just like pals JR Ewing, long-running Norwegian hardcore act Amulet has decided to throw in the towel. The band will release one last album, a restrospective 'best-of' disc entitled "Blessed and cursed" which will include at least one new track along with various other bonus material. Look for it in January via Bitzcore. Otherwise, look for details about final shows to be announced soon. The absolute final Amulet show will take place in Oslo in the summer of 2007 (until the inevitable reunion?). Read more:

Check out Republic, a new Norwegian band featuring Erlend Mokkelbost (JR Ewing, Killl) and Anders Tjore (The Turns, The Pop):
The band is rounded out by Even Ormestad (Jaga Jazzist, Marit Larsen) on bass and Andreas Bye (Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conceptions Of Jazz) and drums. The sound? White-boy funk. I'm not so sure about it.

Semtex talks to JR Ewing about the end of the band:

MP3: Chronic Heist - Gather little tricks

What happens to punks when they get old? Prevailing wisdom seems to indicate that they become country singer/songwriters. At least that seems to work for the first generation. But what about those of us who a bit younger and grew up on stuff like Dischord? Where do we go next? Maybe they decide to push further out into the unknown. That seems to be the case with Chronic Heist. Veterans of acts like JR Ewing and Trapdoor Fucking Exit, but you'd never know it from cursory listening. They call it "suburban gothic" and I think that's fairly apt. You can certainly hear the roots of Nick Cave in their reliance on piano and dramatic vocals. It's not quite as sinister as Paper Chase, but I'd call them kindred spirits. Something for grownups who have gotten over the aggression of hardcore. I am not as angry as I was when I was a teenager, so why should I keep listening to angry music?
Buy "Great Northern Recordings compilation no. 1", the collection this song comes from: [click here]

Chronic Heist - Gather little tricks

JR Ewing's final shows have been announced:

08/24 - Magnet, Berlin (GER)
08/25 - Molotow, Hamburg (GER)
08/26 - Ieperfest, Ieper (BEL)
08/27 - Backstage Club, München (GER)
08/28 - Garage Club, Saarbrücken (GER)
08/29 - Batofar, Paris (GER)
08/30 - Underground, Cologne (GER)
10/18 - Garage, Bergen (NOR)
10/19 - Rokken, Volda (NOR)
10/20 - Isak, Trondheim (NOR) (all ages/early show)
10/20 - Blæst, Trondheim (NOR)
10/21 - Rockefeller, Oslo (NOR)

The band promises to mix up the set every night and will be playing songs from every one of their albums. Fellow Norwegian hardcore act Rumble in Rhodos will support.