Artist: Mob 47

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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D-takt & Råpunk presents "Made in Japan"

quietly released a new 12" comp featuring 20 tracks recorded live at Earth Dom, Tokyo from acts such as Mob 47, Desperat and more:

Mob 47, Desperat to play Scum Fest

Mob 47 and Desperat will be heading to London to play Scum Fest on May 26.

Desperat to join Mob 47 for Japan tour

Desperat will be joining Mob 47 on their upcoming Japanese tour in October, which of course makes perfect sense as they share multiple members:

Mob 47 to Japan

Swedish old-school punks Mob 47 are heading to Japan in October:

10/08 - F.A.D., Yokohama
10/09 - Day Trip, Nagoya
10/10 - King Cobra, Osaka
10/12 - Choatic Noise, Kochi
10/13 - Border, Hiroshima
10/14 - K2, Tsuyama
10/15 - Club Chaos, Mie
10/16 - Earth Dom, Tokyo

MP3: Desperat - Garanterat mangel

Desperat - Hardcore deluxe 12"

I've given up on doing mailorder at this point (and will probably be doing a clearance at some point soon), but I did recently do a coop buy of Desperat's excellent "Hardcore deluxe" 12" and have a single unclaimed copy left. You want it, it's yours for $32ppd in the US. Or you can wait to buy it on eBay for significantly more, if that's your choice. No doubt this one's gonna be a future bonzer, especially with an already (nearly?) sold-out run of a mere 300 copies. As for those of who wondering why you should care, Desperat is a new Swedish hardcore band with members from Mob 47 playing classic Swedish d-beat punk, just like the title of the song proclaims: "Guaranteed mangle". No need to reinvent the wheel here, just proof that old dudes often rage way harder than their younger counterparts. 'Nuff said.

Desperat - Garanterat mangel

Updated US dates for Mob 47

Updated tourdates for classic Swedish hardcore act Mob 47's first-ever US tour:

11/05 - A Varning From Montreal IV, Montreal, Quebec
11/08 - The Temple, Boston, MA
11/09 - Whitney House, Hartford, CT
11/10 - Club Europa, Brooklyn, NY
11/11 - Loft 43, Philadelphia, PA
11/12 - Strange Matter, Richmond, VA

Mob 47 tourdates

Confirmed North American dates for old-school punks Mob 47:

11/05 - A Varning From Montreal IV, Montreal, Quebec
11/08 - tba, Boston, MA
11/09 - Whitney House, Hartford, CT
11/10 - Club Europa, Brooklyn, NY
11/11 - The Beaumont Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA
11/12 - No Way Fest, Richmond, VA

Various Artists - Skitliv! Fucked up passed out no memories left...Various Artists
Skitliv! Fucked up passed out no memories left...
D-takt & Råpunk


Sarcastic punk zine iconoclasts "Skitliv!" pay tribute to themselves with a double-disc collection of cuts from (almost) every artist they ever interviewed and that adds up to ten issues and 48 tracks of uncompromising Swedish d-beat/käng/råpunk. Most of the big names are represented, from old-timers such as Anti Cimex, Moderat Likvidation and Mob 47 to Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Skitsystem and Victims, as well as up-and-comers like Tortyr, Kvoteringen, Giftgasattack and truckloads more. Of course the quality here runs the gamut, be it related to songwriting or recording, but it kind of doesn't matter in end because it all starts to blend together after 20 minutes or so. On the other hand, as a genre-dabbler, it's a great resource to have because the song selection is so all-encompassing and overwhelming; I'm sure I'll be going back to revisit in smaller doses to pick out new favorites. For everyone else, especially if your only knowledge of Swedish punk is limited to the mediocre "Svenska Punkklassiker" discs, the uncompromising, unrelenting hardcore noise attack of "Skitliv!" is a great overview of a much-heralded underground scene well worth investigating, even it does veer towards overkill.
- Avi Roig

Legendary Swedish hardcore band Mob 47 reports that their new 7" "Dom ljuger igen" is finally out:

The self-explanatory Swedish label D-Takt & Råpunk Records has announced a bunch of upcoming releases:

Warvictims - Bellum Se Ipsum Alet 7" (May)
Skitslakt - tba 7" (June/July)
Besthöven/Warvictims - Split 7" (June/July)
Mob 47 - Back To Attack 2xCD (tba)
Raw Hate - Drunk As Fuck Existence 7" (tba)

Recently reformed hardcore punks Mob 47 are streaming a couple new tracks from their new EP on myspace:

Swedish punks (and recent Manifest Awards champions) Wolfbrigade have a new website:
The band recently recorded seven new tracks for a new 12"/CD and will be heading out on the road for a lot of dates this year. Plans are still being worked out for Australia and Japan, but here's what they have so far:

03/01 - PunkPartaj 6.66, Sandviken (SWE) w/Meanwhile, Counterblast, Kongh, more
03/09 - Kafé 44, Stockholm (SWE) w/DSB, Sista Sekunden
03/13 - Ar D'arto, Coimbra (POR)
03/14 - Porto Rio, Porta (POR)
08/29 - Balkanika Core festival, Kranj (SLO) w/ENT, Mob 47, more
09/06 - Play Fast or Don't 5, Hradci Králové (CZ) w/Selfish, Massgrave, more

MP3: Moderat Likvidation - Nitad

Moderat Likvidation are an old Swedish punk band from the early 80s, widely considered to be the very first d-beat/d-takt act on the scene. They recorded a couple EPs before going their separate ways around '85, leaving a small, but important legacy. That is, until this weekend when they will be playing their first show in 22 years at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden with fellow old-school vets Mob 47 and young upstarts Fy Fan (touring the US in March) and Nuclear Death Terror. Expect all sorts of old dudes crawling out from the woodwork with receding hairline mohawks. At least, that's how I like to picture it. Anyhow, while they are most certainly not my favorite Swedish raw-punk band, their place in history is inarguable. So with that being said, here's their track from the new "Svenska punkklassiker vol. 2" compilation. Enjoy!

Moderat Likvidation - Nitad

Classic Swedish hardcore/crust act Mob 47 has parted ways with vocalist Jugga. Guitarist Åke will take over in his stead.

US-based hardcore label Havoc Records will be reissuing an old 7" from Swedish act Mob 47 this coming summer. They're also sending Regulations back out on tour over here and have posted preliminary dates here: