Artist: Nekromantheon

Country: Norway
Genre: Metal
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Thrashing Rage III

A Fist in the Face of God has assembled a new chapter in their "Thrashing Rage" mix series, but instead of harkening back to 80s glory days, this one focuses solely on bands from the 90s and beyond:
Of course Scandinavia is well-represented or I wouldn't be posting it -- featured bands include Antichrist, Audiopain, Nekromantheon, Corrupt, Condor and more.

A Fist in the Face of God interviews Nekromantheon

A Fist in the Face of God interviews the dudes from Norwegian thrash act/Obliteration sideproject Nekromantheon:

Nekromantheon album preview

The new album "Rise, Vulcan spectre" from Norwegian thrashers Nekromantheon is currently streaming in full at metal mag Decibel's blog:

Nekromantheon sign with Indie

has picked up Norwegian thrashers Nekromantheon in a kind of no-brainer deal. Look for their new album "Rise, Vulcan Spectre." to be released on January 13.

Live Evil mix 2010

Live Evil is the underground metal festival happening in London this weekend featuring bands who have all had the honor of being selected as one of Fenriz's bands of the week. Like many folks, I am unable to attend, but lucky for us someone put together a mix with tracks from every act:
Quite a few Scandinavian names worth noting there, including Sonic Ritual, Deathhammer, Obliteration, Hooded Menace, Nekromantheon, Ghost...

Sirius playlist week #30

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU, all metal/punk to coincide with the new podcast:

01. TALK 1
02. Waklevören - Attakk
03. Eskatol - Fane av løgner
04. Årabrot - End of the world / Revelations
05. Lögnhalsmottagningen - Positivt tankande
06. TALK 2
07. Grave - Liberation
08. Obliteration - Exterminate
09. Liket Lever - Levande begravd
10. Knugen Faller - Jag vill inte vara med
11. TALK 3
12. Haust - Anti-reproductive
13. Underachiever - Cut a smile
14. Pointless Youth - Damaged head
15. Wolfbrigade - In adrenaline
16. Darkthrone - I am the graves of the 80s
17. TALK 4
18. Nekromantheon - We're rotting
19. Slugathor - The smoke
20. Tyrant - I'll burn that bridge (before you can cross it)
21. TALK 5
22. Bitch Boys - Automobile
23. Mögel - Jag är så rädd
24. Okkultokrati - On mouth of hells
25. Victims - Another way to die
26. Nitad - Stockholmsnatt
27. TALK 6

Reminder: my show airs every week on Sundays and Mondays at 11pm ET on Sirius XMU. That's channel 26 on Sirius, 43 on XM and 831 for DirecTV subscribers.

Podcast: Nekromantik Norway

Nekromantheon demo to get vinyl reissue

will be pressing Nekromantheon's debut demo EP "We're rotting" on 12" vinyl. The new edition will be limited to 500 copies and will include "a few" bonus tracks plus a new cover layout.

Nekromantheon LP coming in May

Norwegian act Nekromantheon have revealed that their debut album "Divinity of death" will be released on vinyl by in May, just in time for their appearance at Maryland Deathfest and subsequent US dates. Said album was self-recorded by the band at home in Kolbotn, Norway and features guest vocals from Czral (Aura Noir) and a guitar solo from Sverre of Audiopain. A CD version will be released later on in 2010 via . Preview a few cuts at myspace:

Obliteration East Coast tour

Norwegian death metallers Obliteration have lined up a few extra dates in addition to their appearance at Maryland Deathfest and will be bringing their friends Nekromantheon along for the ride:

05/27 - Maryland Deathfest VIII Pre-fest Party @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD
05/29 - Maryland Deathfest VIII @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD
06/03 - Tones of Death @ Fontanas, NYC, NY
06/05 - Katacombes, Montreal, QC
06/06 - Ninkasi Club, Quebec, QC
06/07 - tba, Boston, MA
06/11 - The M Room, Philadelphia, PA