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Country: Denmark
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Kirsten & Marie - Two mornings (video)

A new video from Danish duo Kirsten & Marie, as directed by Malthe Fischer (Oh No Ono).

Oh No Ono announce final show

Danish indie act Oh No Ono will play their final show this coming Friday, December 2 at Vega in Copenhagen as a benefit for their recently robbed Moono Studio. Full details:

Moono Studio robbery

Moono Studio, the studio of label (which is run by two members from Oh No Ono), was recently robbed of DKK 500,000/$100,000 USD worth of gear:
Keep an eye out for an equipment list to be posted shortly and locals, keep an eye on secondhand dealers for stuff to start showing up.

Free Scandinavian music samplers at Amazon

has a 5-song Scandinavian music sampler comp available for free download at Amazon:
Not the usual selection of just-Swedes either, this collection has stuff from The Deer Tracks, Figurines, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, El Perro Del Mar and I Was a King. And likewise, by perusing the top free downloads chart, I also see that has a label comp for download as well:
Featured artists on that one include Delay Trees, Oh No Ono, Regina and The Concretes.

Morningside turns 10, turns off the lights

Danish indie label mainstays (Figurines, Oh No Ono, etc.) turns 10 years old in 2011 and will mark the occasion by throwing a celebratory show at Loppen in Copenhagen on April 15 and then shutting down for good. Read more: (in Danish)

Efterklang does another remix swap

Efterklang has done yet another remix swap, this time with Oh No Ono:

Oh No Ono to perform as live unit with Bear In Heaven

Soundvenue reports that Oh No Ono will be doing a live collaboration with Americans Bear In Heaven on August 10 at Lille Vega in Copenhagen where they will take turns playing their own songs and before collaborating as one huge band together on stage. No idea if they plan to record anything in this configuration, but there's more info on the concert here:

Oh No Ono at MTV Iggy

MTV Iggy has a special feature on Danish act Oh No Ono, including a couple exclusive live performances:

Oh No Ono begets new label

Aske Zidore and Kristoffer Rom of Danish indie act Oh No Ono have launched a new record label called to handle all of the various sideprojects and other extracurricular activities the guys are involved with. First up from the label in May will be an EP from Kirsten & Marie, yet another Scandinavian twin sister duo which was produced by Aske, to be followed by new releases from 4 Guys From The Future, Treefight for Sunlight and Thulebasen.

This week's chart

Here is the It's a Trap! listening group top 10 artists of the week, unique to our group:

01. Sambassadeur
02. Shout Out Louds
03. Efterklang
04. Beach House
05. The Radio Dept.
06. Jens Lekman
07. Oh No Ono
08. Yeasayer
09. The Soundtrack of Our Lives
10. El Perro del Mar

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MP3: Oh No Ono - Helplessly young

Oh No Ono - Eggs

I'm not gonna lie to you, I haven't magically become a fan of Oh No Ono overnight. Their style of indierock is still way too, I dunno... stereotypically indie for me. Heavy on quirks, light on hooks. But that's just me and I understand my opinion is not the be all end all even though I think it should be. Anyhow, what I am a fan of is , vinyl and free stuff, so I'm more than happy to team up with the label to give away an autographed copy of Oh No Ono's new 2LP "Eggs" which will officially be released on March 9. The stats, should you be curious: gatefold packaging, extra loud 45RPM DMM cut with high quality 24-bit masters. So yeah, basically everything that you could want from a vinyl release with no shortcuts. You want it? All you gotta do is send me a private message to enter and I'll pick someone's name out of a hat at the end of the day, maybe even yours. Not a registered user yet? Well, now's the perfect time to remedy that. Good luck!

UPDATE: A winner has been selected. Thanks to everyone who entered! Better luck next time.

Oh No Ono - Helplessly young

Festival report: By:Larm 2010 (day 1)

This week's chart

Here is the It's a Trap! listening group top 10 artists of the week, unique to our group:

01. Shout Out Louds
02. First Aid Kit
03. Jonathan Johansson
04. Håkan Hellström
05. Kent
06. The Magnetic Fields
07. Oh No Ono
08. Beach House
09. Loney, Dear
10. The Radio Dept.

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Oh No Ono mixtape at 'Sup

Danish indie act Oh No Ono made a mixtape for 'Sup Magazine:

PopMatters likes Oh No Ono

PopMatters gives positive marks to the US release of Oh No Ono's "Eggs":