MP3: Britta Persson - Hajar'u de då Jack?

I don't know much about Cornelis Vreeswijk beyond what can be gleaned from his bio at wikipedia, but I am definitely aware of his reputation and eminent stature which is why I was immediately interested in the new all-star recreation of "Poem, ballader och lite blues" curated by Göran Petersson and Nina Ramsby. Wordy music such as this doesn't always maintain its appeal for listeners who won't immediately understand the lyrics, but I find that the melodies are strong enough to carry it. The strong lineup helps too- Martin Hederos and Fredrik Sandsten from The Soundtrack of Our Lives play on almost every track along with respected jazz musicians such as Jonas Kullhammar and Johan Berthling. And that's just scratching the surface. As for the track I've decided to feature today, what's not to like about Britta Persson? I love the waltz-like lilt of the tune and Britta's delivery is fantastic, especially with the way she practically spits out some of the more aggressive lines. Great stuff.

Britta Persson - Hajar'u de då Jack?