MP3: Far From Tellus - Norwegian fairytale mix

It's so nice to get an unsolicited CD in the mail where the one-sheet betrays nothing, yet the music astounds. Far From Tellus' self-titled debut is the first thing I've gotten in ages from a band I've never heard of that instantly won me over. Their happy, jangly folk-pop is a welcome tonic for the weary soul as we slowly drift towards summer and sunnier weather. If the considerably praise for the latest album from The Tallest Man on Earth has you convinced (I picked up the LP this weekend and am digging it), check these gents out as well because they're on a similar trip, albeit with a full band and a small dose of David Bowie/T. Rex glam to balance out any Dylan-esque troubadour vibes. Strongly recommended!

Far From Tellus - Norwegian fairytale mix