MP3: Kaka - Candyman

Okay, summer music time. Even though I've got a summer cold (always the worst!) and the sun isn't shining at all here in the PacNW, I'm about to go on vacation for two full weeks and am looking to get mentally prepared. Not to mention, I need to make playlists for cruising down the coast. So with that in mind, my #1 pick is easy: Kaka. I hate to say the name out loud (still!) and will typically just say "Richard Karlsson's solo project" instead, but there's no denying that his latest album "The two" is my current go-to, good-time party jammer. He's got such a cheap and corny Casio factory-preset sort of sound, but by fully embracing it and taking it to the extreme, he makes it work. The ridiculousness is integral.
"Candyman" is one of the "darker" tunes from the albums I guess, though it's certainly relative -- can't fuck with that Gary Glitter-swing in the beat and that monster chorus, especially the huge buildup before each instance. So while I'm still reluctant to say the name aloud (much like the song name, I suppose), I offer no such hesitance in recommended the music.

Kaka - Candyman