MP3: Hearts No Static - Part 3

Hearts No Static - The monthly noise (IAT.MP3.013)

Hearts No Static are a trio from Stockholm and this digital EP is their debut before their debut, a small taste of what's to come when their full-length album is released in November. The songs on this release are rooted in improvisation, but you might not ever know, so connected are the three members as a single, cohesive unit. They all play in other, far more gregarious bands, but consider this is their playground; the place they can experiment with new ideas, new textures, new feelings.

"The monthly noise" was originally slated to be the 4th in a 4-part series of digital EPs, but now it is the first. The full-length record "Motif" will be releasing on November 20 via Bureau B. All tracks are self-recorded by the band at Möre Studio outside Stockholm in early 2009 and mixed my Linus Larsson (Peter Bjorn and John, Ane Brun, Theresa Andersson, etc.) of Gotland in late summer.

Download the full 5-song EP here.

Hearts No Static - Part 3