Top 10s for 2009: Play/Rec

Ten reasons for Play/Rec to wake from the dead

Brilliant bands all around us:
1 - Marvins Revolt
2 - Adam McCormack
3 - Menfolk
4 - Trust
5 - Obstacles, Rising, Bjørst, Chainsaw Eaters, Snake, Bongo & Friends and many others

Chaos all around us:
1 - Bank Account has hit the floor
2 - Babies screaming in our homes
3 - Need legitimate reasons to go out more often
4 - Will have to stay active to get invited to Roskilde Festival next year.
5 - We can't help doing it.....

Recent releases from Play/Rec include the Marvins Revolt album "Patrolling the heights" and a series of digital EPs from Adam McCormack.