Soma revealed

Soma is a Stockholm-based band featuring members from Wolfbrigade, Shades of Grey and Dollhouse that has existed since 2007, but is only now getting out of the rehearsal space for their very first gigs:

11/20 - Kafé 44, Stockholm (SWE)
11/26 - LiWi, Liepzig (GER) w/Saviours
11/27 - Scharni28, Berlin (GER)

As for the sound, drummer Dadde describes it as follows: "The music is heavy, metallic and complex yet there's plenty of melodies and from time to time our roots in the crustpunk-movement shine through, but the use of samplers and keyboards make a big difference from our past bands, and the result is an experimental pedal-driven stonerrock/death metal/hardcorepunk with samplers, keyboards and influences from world music." The band plans to record their debut album "The dark chapters" this coming spring.