Top 10s for 2011: Jocke D-takt (D-takt & Råpunk/Desperat/Thräshers)

Without any direct ranking, here you finally have my 2011 best list. It was hard to stop writing once I had started. Sorry for that. Hehe. Everybody always do a "best album list" so I have made a little different one. All the best!
/Jocke D-takt

Japan t(our)rip.
Without a doubt the best and most anticipated trip/tour I have ever done. I got to see and meet all of the Japanese punk bands that I have only listened on records and seen on YouTube with crappy sound quality. Then there is the Japanese culture, food and warm-hearted people, I made a lot of new friends for life. But the absolutely best thing about the whole trip was when we visited Kawakami's (Disclose) grave in Kochi, and before that we had coffee with Kawakami's mother in her home. It was totally surreal! I wanna go back as soon as possible.

Winter in the north.
Cold, dark and quiet, perhaps The best combination. The nature gives me an inner peace that nothing nor no one else can.

My beloved girlfriend.
It's easy to take things for granted and some days it feels like that's what I do with my relationship. Unbelievable that my girlfriend is still with me after 12 years we've been together, despite my constant absences. She should get a gold medal for that.

Rehearse in active bands every week.
Since the beginning of 2000 I have only been playing in bands which have members scattered all over Sweden and some parts of Norway, so we have never been able to get together as often as I might have liked. At the beginning of this year I finally found like-minded people who wanted to play rough punk in my hometown.

I've never had any real interest in cooking before, but this year I discovered the joy and pleasure in food. There is nothing better than when you manage to combine the right ingredients and spices for a perfect spicy dish. Mmmmm yummy yummy.

Documentaries and free net-plays.
There has been a lot of good documentaries and great series throughout the year. I am really grateful for all the websites that upload all this for free. Like "An Idiot Abroad" season one was scandalously funny.

Human goodness.
It is not common, but it still exists. This I witnessed as my private psychologist offered me free therapy for three semesters. Without any ulterior motives or commitments, we meet every two weeks.

Books and paper zines.
As soon as I find rest or have some spare time, I try to read as much as I can. It's so hard to remember what books and zines I read the first quarter, so I may have to recommend the book I read most recently that I thought was good; "Blod eld död" (Blood fire death), a Swedish metal history. I hope it will be translated into English so that more people may have access to it. When it comes to zines I got, just the other day, a relatively new fanzine called "Kissan Päivät" that was one of the better I've read in a long time.

Car bingo.
It is many years since I started playing car bingo now, but I still find it as exciting. I still haven't won a penny yet but I'm not bitter because I know that the jackpot will come next year. It must!

, five years giving the middle finger.
D&R celebrate five year anniversary this December, damn what time flies by. I want to thank all the bands I have released, labels/distros I worked with and last but not least all you others who have supported and helped me along the way. Without you I would never have survived these five years. I am so grateful, thank you all. I hope for another five years of mangel.